Things To Be Known About Various Signs Of Pregnancy

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The Gynecologist in Velachery offers the best care and treatment to get conceived with ease as pregnancy is the process where a series of changes takes place in a woman’s tissues and organs as a result of developing a fetus. The entire process takes place from fertilization to birth at an average of 265-270 days or about nine months.

Various Signs Of Pregnancy:


Bleeding is the scariest sign in pregnancy as all women would assume miscarriage when it starts bleeding from them. There are several other reasons like placenta previa which occurs during preterm labour, implantation, infection, and uterine rupture which becomes a matter of concern depending upon the intensity of bleeding. But, it is always recommended to check with the respective Fertility Centre in Chennai and get all the queries rectified for achieving the best results.

Abdominal pain:

There are several instances where women might feel abdominal pain especially during miscarriage, placental abruption, Braxton-hicks contraction, ectopic pregnancy, constipation, and round ligament pain. So, those women can visit the nearby baby scan clinic to know the reason for their abdominal pain without ignoring them in any case as there won’t be any pain until a woman reaches her 37 weeks of pregnancy when things are normal.


Water breaking is a common term that is used to define that the baby is on its way. This is the amniotic fluid that works as a cushion that helps in protecting the baby during pregnancy which is also important for a baby’s lung maturity. But if this water breaks before the given term, then it could mean that the baby is going to come out early which can also be an indication of infection. So, it is essential to call the doctor even it is amniotic fluid or any other discharge so that the intensity of the infection can be found easily.

Thus, all the above signs of pregnancies are the clear pictures given by the Best Ivf Center in Chennai as every visit to this place holds a lot of meaning and lets in knowing the current situation of the pregnancy.