Various Types Of Spine Surgery Which Needs To Be Known

Chennai Spine Care spinal cord specialist

Spinal Fusion:

The best Spinal Cord Specialist in Chennai conducts this surgery through small incisions at the back with an endoscope which is a tube with the camera running into the site. They also use high-tech tools to perform the surgery and they view the procedure on the television monitor with great clarity. The fusion occurs when the specialist inserts bone tissue between the bones to help them grow or fuse. A tiny “bone cage” or screws are also placed in between the bones for boosting quick growth. This attachment of two vertebrae together prevents pain in the future. So, spinal fusion addresses spinal degeneration, scoliosis, and instability caused by aging or injury.


Bone fractures in the spine occur from various causes including hyperthyroidism, osteoporosis, or cancer, and its treatments including radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Kyphoplasty was developed to provide stability to fractured or crushed vertebrae. During the spine surgery, a modified “balloon” is inserted through the endoscope with fluoroscopy lighting, and the X-ray images are used where the surgeon creates a cavity by inflating the balloon at the point of the vertebrae. Patients habitually feel relief within a couple of days or immediately when the cement-like substance is injected and the balloon is removed which hardens quickly.

X-Stop Spacer:

When people suffer from lumbar spinal stenosis which is the narrowing of the passageways of the vertebrae where the nerve roots and the spinal cord passes, they would get pain in the groin, buttocks, and either leg. So, the backbones release the pressure on the nerves and offer relief when the individual is sitting down or bending over. This compression is duplicated by the Spine Specialist Chennai where a spacer is placed between the two bones that are pressing together and offers sustained relief.

Thus, Spine Surgery in Chennai consists of all the above types of procedures which can be done for different conditions depending upon the intensity of the pain. These techniques offer plenty of relief for lower back pain especially for people above sixty years of age.