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There has been a plenty of debate as to whether introducing Reiki to children is a good move. When you search the internet for parenting type forums and various health discussion boards, you will surely come across a lot of different opinions about that, even up to the age that theReiki Chennai child cannot be in before the attunement can take place.

There are some people who say that a child must be at least eight years old, while other Reiki practitioners will point it out that they will not accept under the age of eighteen. There are a many things to consider, especially if you are not handling with your own children or if you do not completely the children that you will be handling. Although, one thing is important – the child itself should be normally have interest to Learn Reiki before any introduction is done. However, this ancient art of Japanese healing is the way to gaining extreme happiness and well being, you can and must not force such beliefs in a child.

As parents, it is your responsibility to check that your child is not harassed or forced into doing something against his or her will. Children must be allowed to start and complete their journey by experiencing life without any unnatural or external intervention. Some people say that there are kids who are born with the ability to tap into access utilize the life force energy naturally. For example, the people in India are very strong in their beliefs that every child’s chakra is open till they reach the age of seven; and if this is not nurtured within that specified time, they close down forever.

In order to identify that the children will really benefit from the process, the solution is to work with the child by allowing them to be how they like to be. Providing them impulsive treatments and allowing them to go through the process on their own can be valuable for the child. With that you give the child the situation to stay open as a natural healing channel and grow in line with their own life path.

Children can get advantage from Reiki in almost the same ways that adults will. Generally, kids have a lesser baggage and negative energies to start with, so cleaning up will not be as difficult.