How to Answer “Why Did You Choose This Career?”

How to Answer "Why Did You Choose This Career?”

There are a million various replies you may give an interviewer when they ask, “Why did you choose this career?” “why you choose this job?” or “why did you choose this job?” are examples of similar interview questions. Each of these intonations entices you to talk about your background and why you chose the career route you did. Your answer could include your passions, education, previous anecdotes, or interest in your job role.

This interview question is meant to get you thinking about how you might fit into the company culture and whether or not this job is a good fit for you. Employers want to know why you applied for the job and whether you intend to stay with the company for a long time. It is the common HR interview question asked in the Campus select and Off-Campus select interview process.

The object of this question is to check your long-term goal and ability to learn new things. And the primary intention is to check how you worked hard to mold yourself for your future career. There might be various reasons for asking this question, like checking how passionate you are about your career. 

When the interviewer asks this question, you can give the best reply regarding your interest in studies or passion for your career. But, your answer must be relevant to the field you need to obtain. It should also demonstrate your interest in the area and highlight the talents and qualities you can contribute.

Employers always want to hire someone who will stay with them for a more extended period. As a result, most HR interview questions are designed to help them grasp the candidates’ interests. In some interviews, you would be asked why you choose this job. So, you can give a positive reply that “I am passionate to perceive this career path”.

Take this as your opportunity and reveal your passion for your career. Here, you can tell about how you developed your skills in your chosen field and the experience you have faced during career development.

Now, we shall look at the Sample and Best ways to answer “Why did you choose this career?” 

Research the company profile

Before attending the interview, you need to collect the complete details of the company. By demonstrating to the recruiter that you are acquainted with the firm, you express that you are aware of whether your values coincide with those of the company.

And researching more about the job role and job description would help you answer relevantly when the interviewer asks, “why did you choose this job.”

Tell your passion for your job.

It’s important to emphasize your interest in the job while responding to this question. You should express your interest or passion for the future clearly and straightforwardly.

The key to answering a question like “Why did you choose this career?” in an HR interview is to sound passionate and eager. Sometimes, we would have been inspired by our family members. So, you can talk about how they encourage you to perceive your career. You can also reply, “My sister is my inspiration, and she motivated me to take this career path and guided me to take the decision, so with her aid, I achieved my career path in journalism.

Sample 1

If you’re new to the workforce, there are strategies to bring up the subject in a way that highlights your eagerness and enthusiasm. It is a perfect example answer if you are fresher and new to the job role.

After completing my graduate degree, I started searching for a job, and I recently acknowledged your job vacancy for the Software Engineer post, so I applied for this post immediately. And I recently completed the coding course, so I found this post would be applicable for me to start my career. 

Sample 2

I’d constantly desired a profession where I could serve others daily. My teachers were essential in motivating, inspiring, and promoting me to believe that I could achieve anything. They instilled in me more than academic information; they also taught me community and social skills. I want to help other youngsters in the same way.

Sample 3

Writing has always given me a sense of fulfillment, and I knew I wished to pursue a writing career.

What interests me is how quickly the digital landscape evolves, and the enormous role content plays in business growth.

Nowadays, running a business without effective internet marketing can be challenging.

For me, constant change and the ability to learn new things are significant, So, I thought content writing would help me understand, update and impart me with new things.

By this, you would have understood how to answer the Question Why Did You Choose This Career?. So, we hope these samples would help you to answer the interview boldly and relevantly. Keep these aspects in mind, and you’ll be able to answer the HR interview question confidently.