GRE Test Preparation Approach

Students may have diverse of Thoughts about GRE. My Opinion is, don’t think GRE as a Test. One can study for the Test, a Night before. Visualize the Test as a Performance or a Sports Event: in brief, something that needs a Smart Approach mentored by Qualified Professionals.

Each and Every session of your GRE Test Plan must have a Common Goal. Goal- To crack the Best Score in GRE or to Complete the Specific Sessions . I will go with AWA Part today; tomorrow I will Go for Quant Session. The Goal should be put up before Moving on to the Topic. You would not dive without knowing the Destination. Would you?

Dear Aspirants, You may have several doubts about GRE and Prerequisites of GRE. Hence, Find this Article, an Essence to your GRE Test Preparation.

Does Business Analytics come under MIS and whether it is STEM related course?

STEM in general refers to Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The course aims to serve as a means to learn all the four inter-disciplinary streams as one unified curriculum. The aim of the unified curriculum is to provide application based learning. MIS and Business Analytics may not necessarily fall under the same head. MIS in general covers areas relating to Information Technology and management. Business Analytics, on the other hand focuses on data modelling, analysing and data mining. And, yes a majority of universities do considers a MS in Business Analytics as a STEM degree

How would the admission committee look at LORs if the applicant is actually having a domain change? like ECE in UG but wishes to take CSE in PG.

Don’t worry about changing domain when you take up your post-graduation. It’s common for students pursuing ECE, EEE or CSE in their UG to change majors in PG. Getting an LOR form your professors for work done should not affect your admit, provided it talks about your personality and strength of character. If you’ve done relevant research in the field you are planning on pursuing for your PG, then it helps if your LOR elaborates on that as well.

However, it is paramount that your SOP talks about the reason for making the change from ECE to CSE. You could elaborate on the moment of inspiration that made you choose CSE over other streams or any such circumstance in detail because of which you are taking this decision. Ensure that you obtain some experience related to the field you are pursuing like internships, work exp if possible, research papers etc.

Shall I do as many as internships I can in the remaining time?

Doing internships for the sake of increasing the number of internships you have done to add in your profile is not the correct way. Rather, you should focus on one stream and then do internship on that to master that particular field. This process will make your profile strong and at the same time very much convincing as you will be having very much in depth knowledge of that branch. So, with this you can easily apply for masters in that. Universities shortlist on the basis of what you know the best and are you applying to master the same, until and unless there is some very different reason to choose another stream rather than what you have done in the past.

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