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Hi Aspirants, How well is your GRE Exam Preparation? Besides Test Preparation, You should also be aware of some Requirements for GRE. They are


Scholarships and Sponsorships

Short listing Universities prior taking GRE (more…)

Universities and their GRE Scores and so on.

The below are some important FAQs which are required apart from Test Preparation.

How to manage time while solving problems in DI, Applied math.

Data Interpretation Questions ask you to analyze and interpret the data that is given in the form of a graph or a table. These questions may be numeric entry or multiple choice questions. Instead of focusing on the entire set of data, it is better if you only go through the aspects that are necessary to answer the question. This can help you save time while answering slightly complex questions. Pay attention to the axes and scales of graphs; to the units of measurement or orders of magnitude that are given in the titles and labels; and to any notes that clarify the data.

Bar graphs and circle graphs are drawn to scale. This allows you to read or estimate data visually from such graphs. You can even use the relative sizes of bars or sectors to compare the quantities that they represent. You should be very careful about broken graphs and bars that do not actually begin from 0.

It is better if you’re familiar with all the DI question types. By practicing enough questions using Pie charts, Line graphs, Bar tables etc. you can gain the confidence to solve questions quickly.

Can you please give us a sample SOP. and what is the preparation pattern.? its size.. do’s and don’ts.

Usually lot of students follow this approach for a standard SOP which you can follow based on the way you want to communicate. Your SOP can consist of 4 paragraphs which can talk start off with Introduction (an interesting anecdote talking about your personal experience or a fact that you came across that motivated you to a large extent to pursue the specialization that you are looking to pursue), Academic and professional achievements (Usually 2 paragraphs that talks about your UG experience with project, paper publications and work experience with the number of years and personal contribution in a company project along with leadership experience if any) and Conclusion (Can consist of why you chose that particular university where you can talk about the faculty and research activity that motivated you and also how this university will help you achieve your goals). Usually the SOP can consist of 1200 – 1500 GRE Word List which essentially means that it can upto 1 and half or 2 pages maximum. The size of text that is mostly used is 12 and the font style commonly used is times new roman. This can differ for each university and some universities can even ask for 2 or 3 essays with 800 words limit for each. Do check each and every university website to ensure that you are well aware of such university specific requirements.

If one cannot attend the international conferences then how to know about the funding option?

Attending international conferences is not the only option to get knowledge about funding options available for the Universities abroad. There are many websites which gives this type of information. Apart from that, there is an official website called as “” which imparts almost all the information related to GRE. There are also many online, offline institutes and academies which helps its students in this matter. Not only this, some academies help right from the preparation to the admission counselling part which includes SOP, LOR and scholarship related help. If an individual is aspiring for some particular university, then he/she can go to its website or contact them to ask about the funding options available.

Approximate cost of pursuing MS in Asian Universities in Singapore and Hong Kong?

That’s an interesting choice. Some of the top universities in the world are in China and Singapore. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, open to the international community, more options for TA, RA and scholarships as well as rich in culture.

However, they offer an MSc rather than a MS. For example, NTU in Singapore costs approximately SGD 15,000 that is roughly 7.5 L in Indian Rupees.

A good university to consider is the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The per annum tuition fees for a research based postgraduate program is HKD 42,000 per annum which is 3.7L approximately.

Some of the other universities that you can look at are National University of Singapore and University of Hong Kong etc.


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