Future and scope of Bit coin

Bitcoin and blockchain both are new terminologies which minimize the banking transaction and increases the online transaction. Bitcoin is the concept whereas Blockchain is the technology for the concept. Bitcoin is the concept of digital money and bock chain is the process of the ledger which saves the transactions of the bitcoin. Blockchain saves every address used for the transaction and thereby prevents black money also. The biggest question why blockchain is not accepted in some countries is there are chances of tax evasion because the ownership is distributed as it is used for peer to peer technology. Blockchain certification from the best institutes helps to get placed in the reputed company. As it is the new technology the demand and the resource availability is comparatively less which drags the demand to the blockchain certification. The introduction of blockchain technology would save the time and money. Digital presence for advertisement, sales, business and money are changing the world.

Job opportunities for bitcoin:

Governance: Blockchain technology can bring transparency in the election.

Stock trading: Increase efficiency in stock trading by eliminating the work of the clearing houses, auditors and custodians.

Banks: Swiss bank UBS and Barclays the UK based bank are experimenting with the concept of blockchain. The blockchain concept reduces the banking cost.

Infrastructure security: Though block chain ledger is public its data communications are verified using crypto graphic techniques. It’s highly recommended for industries where security is important.

Internet advertisement: Advertisement through Google or Facebook would be minimized after the invention of blockchain. The advertisement can be listed directly to the targeted ads without malware. Advertisers get a good response as it is directly listed. Blockchain course with real-time project gives in-depth knowledge about the future technological world.

Education Sector: It helps the education sector by providing the open source infrastructure for academic centers. Recently Sony global education in partnership with IBM education created a blockchain for students which help to maintain the student record with security. Block chain training is onset stage which is about to encounter so many changes. So, learn and equip yourself for the job.

Future of Blockchain:

Bitcoin was started in the year 2008 but gathered the fame in the year 2013. It is a payment system and in many countries, bitcoin is accepted as money. Bitcoin is used for trading purpose around the world in many countries. Block chain is used much more than bitcoin as it is the new way of recording the financial information. Block chain is used for several countries in Africa and Switzerland. Block chain is a good platform for the company’s intranet. Block chain training in Chennai is good for beginners and experienced to place themselves in the top companies with good salary.