What is RPA? How does it work?

Technology is a moving at a speedier pace than any other. RPA is an emerging technology with a huge change in the industry. Physical robots have been feeding movies for a long time. Here we have explained what is RPA and how does it work in the industry. FITA delivers the best RPA Training in Chennai with highly-experienced mentors.

Define RPA?

According to wiki, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is an upcoming form of clerical process automation technology which is based on the notion of Artificial intelligence (AI). It is used to automate clerical tasks for generating specialized agents and hence RPA is called as a generic tool. The above definition clarifies RPA is a flexible tool.

How does it work?

Like industrial robots modify the factory floor, RPA bots modifies back offices. It replicates the actions of employees like inputting data, copy pasting files etc. Learn Robotics Process Automation Training to set up an RPA bot. Here are the four important methods on setting up RPA bots


Bots can complete record action like macros does in excel. This action involves many numbers of enterprises software such as taking data from Salesforce and merging it with MailChimp report in excel which identifies the customers to target while an organization routine activation SMS campaign. The main advantage of RPA tool is the Recorder function that enables rapid bot programming. Here are few limitations:

  • It is difficult to maintain recorded bots as their code is produced by the machine and may not be easy to read. It is time-consuming.
  • Complex setoff functionality can be difficult for recording.


The most powerful and excepted interfaces for programming bots is the programming language which requires patience and skill relevant for technically inclined persons. These instructions tell the bot where the program to be used and also how to interact.

Self-learning bots

These self-learning bots help watch the activities of employees recorded to learn automated tasks. This is the easiest way for deploying bots. Relying on recognizing images in scraped screenshots is better than learning. Mainly during initial deployment and their activity should be audited. Mistakes are avoided most of the time as bots understand these cases. They don’t know how to complete. In such cases, employees are contacted for guidance. An orchestration module aids stop/start bots for analyzing their activity once the bots are set up.

Graphical User Interfaces

Most of the dealers offer solutions to program RPA bots with drop and drag option. The ability to set up bot should be capable by anyone in the organizations.

Interest in RPA Course is growing fast as manual processes are inefficient which leads to employee dissatisfaction. Get along with FITA for the best RPA training!