Different styles of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the important and problematic parts for the married couples. Being the most important part of your life, people make several efforts to make it unforgettable. From the various vital things of this extraordinary day, selecting the right photographer is very significant. The Candid Wedding photographers in Chennai is the only route by which you can appraise the moments. If the photographs are pretty, it can definitely put a smile even on marriage.

To capture such marvelous moments of a wedding, it is critical to select the exact style you need. Wedding photography has various styles. So, before making a decision, it is important to know about their different styles. Here are some styles of photography that can definitely make your wedding album look beautiful.

Wedding Photographers Chennai

Traditional Photography:

This is the older style of photography taken at a wedding. It contains several styles of poses and the presence of false lights. The photographers of this type are expert and very experienced. It is a very formal type of camera work and it is in use for a long time. When done from an expert photographer, the result attained will successfully create everlasting pictures of your wedding.

Candid Photography:

Candid wedding photography includes only candid moments of the wedding. It does not add any artificial lights or stage poses. The photographers consider that the wedding day has numerous works apart from posing. So, they make photos in natural lights and pose and create magic. Natural expressions are the essential key to this camera work. Without letting the pairs know about the shot, they take snaps and, thereby, create wonderful pictures. The pictures took will be jaw-dropping.


In this photography style, the wedding photographers create superb stories. They click images in a style that it tells a story of this special day. It contains many things like zoom shot of the couples, guests, and family members, bouquet and wedding rings. In addition to this, the inclusion of various locations makes them appear truly exciting. This style has become the latest trend in today’s wedding.

Contemporary Photography:

This is one of the most popular types of photography style in recent days. It is also known as modern photography. You can see this style in the fashion magazines. Snappers mostly concentrate on the spectacular things like the attractive dress of the bride, place, and other marvelous things.

To make your wedding day memorable, select a photographer who is specialized in any of the above-said types of photographer. These can definitely make your wedding day special.

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