6 Reasons why to learn the Hadoop

Hadoop Training Chennai

Hadoop is the open source software framework used for distributed storage and processing the big data sets using the Map Reduce programming model. The computer clusters which is built from the commodity hardware. Hadoop Training Chennai offers the training from top IT professionals. Most of the modules in Hadoop are designed with the fundamental assumption while hardware failures which are automatically fixed by the frameworks of Hadoop.

Need for Hadoop Training:

Some of the reasons why to learn the Hadoop Training is

1. Booming technology with a less skilled professional:

The implementation of Hadoop is a revolution in the IT industry. Many of the IT Companies are having a huge demand for Hadoop professionals but a very fewer people with right skill. Hadoop Training in Chennai offers the placements in top IT Companies. This skill gap can be minimized through the Hadoop Training.

2. Increase in demand for Hadoop Professionals:

The Apache Software Foundation has recently released Hadoop 2.0 which incorporates many new features including YARN. This release also shines the light on many problems that companies considering the Hadoop are destined to face the overwhelming the lack of Big Data experts.

3. Number of professionals looking to switch their careers:

Many of the professionals from Java, Mainframe, Data Warehouse and testing are looking to change their career into Hadoop. Big Data Training in Chennai follows the unique teaching methodology.  For their advancement in their career, people are shifting their career into the Hadoop. Hadoop is the leading technology with success in the implementation and precedence of it.

4. Demand for Analytics Professionals:

There are huge job opportunities in Big Data management and Analytics then last year and many IT professionals are investing time and money for the training in Hadoop. Many of the surveys are taken to know about the growth rate of Hadoop trained students and due to this steady increase in the number of job opportunities. Professionals who are experienced in Analytics are in high demand as organizations are looking for ways to Big Data. Due to increased number of organizations implementing the Analytics and thereby looking for the Analytics professionals.

5. Huge job opportunities and meeting the skill gap:

Analytics skill is maintaining steadily but there is a huge deficit on the supply side. This is happening globally without any restricted to any part of geography. Currently, India has the highest growth rate in Analytics. In spite of this scarcity of data, analytics is particularly acute and demand is expected to be on the higher side as more global organizations are outsourcing the work.

6. Big Data Analytics is growing:

Many of the technologies are making it easier to perform increasingly data analytics on a very large and diverse dataset. Currently, more than a third of the respondents are using some form of advanced data analytics for the Business intelligence, Predictive analytics, and Data Mining tasks. Big Data Course in Chennai at FITA is the best training institute for this course. Big Data Analytics are providing the edge over the competition to rate of implementation of the necessary Analytics tools has exponentially increased.

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