Essential Tools of AngularJS

AngularJS Training in Chennai

In the programming, there are two types of editor’s full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and lightweight text editors. They allow for faster development workflow. AngularJS Training in Chennai offers the well trained IT professionals as trainers. We listed below are the IDE and text editor which have tools to speed up your Angular development.


WebStorm is for JavaScript but also for HTML and CSS. It is a live editor which makes the coding results on the browser without the need of frequent refreshing it. The newest version carries the AngularJS plugin bundle you will need to include the Angular script in your project.

Sublime Text

The most popular text editors available in the sublime Text with customizability to adapt to any kind of programming language. AngularJS Training Chennai offers the placements in top IT Companies. It is also customizable code snippet support which has many packages include the AngularJS package which allows you to work with Angular.


This is a free open source IDE which is actually the version of Eclipse focusing on JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other web goodies. By installing the Aptana from Eclipse Marketplace as an AngularJS Eclipse extension. This is one of the most popular extensions from the Eclipse.

Testing and Debugging

These are the important processes especially in the environment of Angular. Below are some of the tools which will help you to test and debug your application.


Karma is the tester runner which will also support the JavaScript framework. We can perform any tests like unit testing, midway testing, and E2E testing. This works by opening browsers which will list in the configuration file. It will make the active browser using and communicate with us to run the test or not.


Jasmine is the most popular tool which is used for the behavior-driven development (BDD) and also it can be used for test-driven development (TDD) with a bit of customization. AngularJS Training in Chennai provides you hands-on experience to the students. It will notify you with the unhandled code by inspecting the JavaScript classes and functions.


MochaJS is most flexible framework but Jasmine comes with as an all-in-one package.  If you want to use the spy framework with the Mocha with its appropriate library like sinon.js. AngularJS training Chennai at FITA is the best training institute in Chennai for learning these tools. It needs to be configured with a framework like Chai.


The protractor is the most powerful automated end to end angular testing tool. The protractor is built by combining the some of the great technologies like NodeJS, Selenium, WebDriver, Mocha, Cucumber, and Jasmine.

Angular Batarang

Another great tool developed beside the protractor is Angular Batarang. This is a Chrome extension for debugging angular applications. AngularJS Course in Chennai offers the unique teaching methodology. After the inspection of the application, Batarang will show the model, performance, and dependency debugging results in different tabs. We can also control the inspection to show the applications, bindings or scopes.

I hope this article will help you to know the Essential tools of the AngularJS. For learning these essential tools and for doing the Certification in AngularJS. Join in AngularJS Training in Chennai at FITA.

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