Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Designing

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive Web Designing

Web Design includes many different skills in the production and maintenance of websites. This includes the web graphic design, interface design, authoring, including standardized code and search engine optimization. Web Designing Course in Chennai offers the well trained MNC professionals as trainers.

Advantages of Responsive Web Designing

1. Less Maintenance

Responsive Web Design needs one set of content. Due to that, you don’t need to create a separate website for different kinds of devices like Smartphone’s, I phones and tablets etc. Web Designing Courses in Chennai offers the placement in top IT Companies. This code helps to swap out from current view and change the viewer’s screen dimensions.

The CSS re-sizes the browser window and you will notice the content on the screen adjust itself accordingly. Responsive web design has code for all the sites in one central area, adjustments can be done easily for all devices. It saves money, time, manpower etc.

2. Social Sharing

Someone shares the links on social networking site and another person who browses the website cannot open that in a mobile device. But in the responsive web design, you can easily open the link in your mobile and can share the same on social networking sites.

3. New Devices

It can easily adapt itself according to the screen size; you do not need to worry about creating whole new site every time a new screen sized device in the market by the manufacturer.

4. Gives better user Experience

It maximizes user experience on different devices is the main advantage of responsive web design. It finds much easier to go and use the websites they are customized for the device they are using like tablets, I phones.

5. Gives good SEO

For responsive web design, you will create one URL for all kind of devices. Due to this search engine optimization will not get diluted with different URLs. Web Designing Training in Chennai follows the unique training methodology. You can easily improve the SEO ranking for your website easily.

6. Google endorses responsive web design

Google encourages the responsive web design for their mobile sites. By using this responsive web design it is easy to rank their website in Google search results.

7. Web tracking/analytics

As you know that responsive web design uses a single URL. Instead of analyzing data from each different website, a single URL makes the tracking of the website much easier.

Disadvantages of Responsive Web Design

1. Loading time

With unnecessary HTML/CSS code downloads in a mobile device, loading time is usually higher. It is the main drawback of Responsive Web Design.

2. Implementation Problem

Implementation of Responsive Web design takes longer time than expected one. It is a new concept, some unfamiliar problem still there which cannot fix.

3. Development of responsive design

It is easier to create the RWD from scratch than to convert an existing site. The initial development of responsive web design takes more time.

4. Design

From the graphic designer, it is essential to design several layouts via wireframes. Web Designing Course at FITA is the best training institute in Chennai. Even you will need the minimum of two layouts, full site, and smartphones.

5. Limited Resources

It is a new concept only limited resources are available. Because of this, you cannot get proper solutions for unknown problems.

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