What Is the TOEFL Test Structure?

What Is the TOEFL Test Structure

What is TOEFL Test?

The TOEFL Test (TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE). It is a standardized test it evaluates the proficiency of non-native talkers of English to apply and learn English as it is spoken, written, and learned in university and academy settings. TOEFL is a globally trusted test. More than 6000 colleges and universities are required the TOEFL Score for admission. To learn more about TOEFL, Join TOEFL Coaching in Chennai at FITA Academy and get guidance to crack TOEFL exams. Here in this blog, we discussed What is the TOEFL Test Structure?   

Who Should Take the TOEFL?

TOEFL is mainly looking to attend the university or graduate from the school program in an English-speaking nation. 

People can also practice the TOEFL for various purposes. Those who may practice the TOEFL combine:

  • Students enrolling in a large building in an English talking country
  • Students serving 2-year agreement college applications in an English talking country
  • People who are seen to be authorized or approved in a special area.
  • Characters who need to confirm their knowledge of the English language for settlement plans.

What Is the TOEFL Test Structure?

The TOEFL is a large and complex test, but knowing how it works is the first step to capturing it. So let’s see the various types of TOEFL tests possible and how the test is structured.

TOEFL Exam Structure

The test has four divisions and will typically accept a result of 4.5 hours to create. These four segments are: listening, reading, listening. These segment rates are then combined for a final, total average of 120 points.  


The TOEFL reading segment has many options. Each text segment will produce three or four reported sections with 12-14 problems for every section. Studying passages can be on any educational material, including science, story, or article. 


The TOEFL listening segment is more effectively increased selection. Each segment will provide four to six talks with six issues each and two or three discussions with five problems each.


The TOEFL speaking segment is a little more complex than the reading or listening segment. But, happily, each verbal segment will eternally support the identical design, so you can provide yourself for it.


There are two components to the TOEFL writing division: 

  • one integrated task
  • one independent task

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