TOP 7 Test Automation Trends

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Automation testing becomes more significant for testing the Web applications. Some of the automation trends of testing will make you the upgrade the new automation tools. Selenium Training in Chennai offers the well trained IT professionals as trainers. This is the best testing automation trends in the IT industry.

1. Mobile Testing

This will be at the top of the test automation trends with a significant development in the adoption of mobile devices and technology in business. This mobile testing has the major impact on the software testing industry which will compromise of functional, performance, compatibility, usability. Selenium Course in Chennai offers the placements in top IT Companies. If the markets will continue to rise at the same pace, the mobile testing will uplift over the web testing.  Mobile Operators, App marketers will be developed with the increase of mobile testing.

2. APIs Testing

Likewise Big Data investment, many of the enterprises are investing in Micros Services which makes it easy to test and with independent functionality without altering other applications and processes. This trend will inevitably rise the testing of complex applications which contain small, independent processes and architectures. This will be one of the requirements of enterprises to test the dependencies of applications.

3. Testing and Predictive Analytics

Devices, applications and networks generate the huge source of unstructured and broken data quality ahead will continue to remain as one of the trends. Also, with big data and analytics testing, businesses will get the indicators to whether the application behavior will meet the customer’s demands.

4. Web Services or SOA Automation

Testing of the web services and SOA architectures will be important to check the end-to-end performance of applications. The complex application integrations in necessary systems which are connected communicate correctly.

5. Agile & Collaboration tools

To increase the speed and agile methodology, experts predict that developers, testers and operation engineers utilizing the same tools to increase the collaboration. As per their roles, the teams were utilizing the separate tools which are expected the terms will utilize the same tools and IDEs. Best Selenium Training institute in Chennai follows the unique teaching methodology. This will help to promote collaboration and increase the effectiveness of testing efforts. This will promote the better communication and feedback among teams to agile testing.

6. Devops

There would be more collaboration among developers, IT professionals and operation engineers leading to increasing in the adoption of DevOps. Many of the enterprises merging the roles of testers with developers and operational engineers due to overlapping the competencies to fit in the continuous agile cycles.

7. Configuration Management Automation

To achieve the end-to-end testing goals and make the most of QA automation by seeing the configuration management automation with the attention of QA enterprises. Selenium Training institute in Chennai at FITAACADEMY is the best training institute for learning this selenium course. This is all about the making software product infrastructure, functions, operations and physical attributes more manageable, versionable and testable. The several tools which help the configuration management automation such as chef, Puppet, and Dockers.

I hope this article will make you know about the Top 7 Test Automation Trends.

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