TOP 6 Frameworks of Android

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Android is the best platform for mobile devices which has the capability of working all over the world in different mobile phones. It will not only support the people around world to use the hundreds of apps and games in mobiles. Android provides the distinctive framework which allows all the Android developers to deploy their apps to be in every phone and market. Android Course in Chennai offers the training from leading android developers in top MNC companies. These frameworks will help the developers to work on the inbuilt tools for easy building of applications.

Top 6 Frameworks of Android

1. Corona SDK

Corona is designed for the super-fast development of web applications. Most of the APIs will read the complex features easy and the workflow makes the changes instantly and develops the Lua with fast and easy-to-learn language. Most of the game developers are using this framework. Android Training offers the placements in top IT Companies. This is used for the general purpose. It will match all the iterations of speed with unwanted android development. It has released more than 500 APIs to with 1million developers. This provides the native UI support, built in engine and advertising platform.

2. Phonegap

By creating the applications using the web technologies easily this makes the look and feel appearance to the customers. This is used for building the HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript Development. This is the popular framework which is developed by the Adobe. This framework will support the Windows phone support, new libraries and CLI functions. This is the Cordova Web View for work like delivering the Phonegap code.

3. Sencha

Sencha space is the platform which deploys and manages the secure business applications that run across multiple devices. This is the best framework for JavaScript and HTML5 which offers the integrated MVC system. This framework also provides the 50 inbuilt components and management of work.

4. Accelerator

Accelerator is the popular framework of Android which has been running more than 2 billion apps in worldwide. Titanium SDK is part of Accelerator which uses the support of Java applications to build the new android applications.

5. Xamarin

Xamarin is the most popular framework which makes the developers easier to code it. By writing the code in C# and deploying into Android for developing the apps and games. This will support the iOS and Windows. Android Training Chennai offers the unique teaching methodology. By testing the application of cloud with timely monitoring the application.

6. JQuery Mobile

JQuery is the popular framework which is developed by using the HTML5 framework. This will concentrate on progressive enhancement, markup, and themable design. Android Training in Chennai is the best training institute for this course. This will help the developers to build the responsive websites which will support all the devices like computers, tablets and smart phones. Good competition is running between the Android and IOS professionals by building the new applications every day. There is a great demand for IOS professionals in Mobile apllication development industry. Interested deligates can also take IOS Training in Chennai in a reputated training institute.

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