10 Tips to Succeed in a Job Interview in English

English has become a widely spoken language, and it is a common educational language. If you want to perceive your career in the tech and non-tech field, you should have English fluency because it has become the language of communication.

Whenever we prepare to attend the interview, we must know how to present ourselves before the recruiter. If you are a student preparing for the campus select or a graduate looking to crack the upcoming interview, you can practice how to speak in interview and prepare yourself in the interview. And if you feel that Spoken English Course could help you, join the course and learn the nuances of the English language.

Prepare English interview questions:

Whenever we plan to attend the interview, we tend to prepare the interview-based question. It is mandatory to search about the company profile, company website, and company’s long-term goal. But it is also important to focus on how to speak in interview in English fluently.

Before attending the interview, focus on how to face interview in English:

  • Pay attention to your clarity of the words.
  • Practice how to pronounce the words and make them understandable for the interviewer.
  • Speak slowly, never use fillers, don’t be nervous, maintain the same tonality, and be sound to express your thought.

The 10 Interview questions  in English

Here, we have compiled common questions asked in job interviews, along with suggestions for how to respond in English fluently. After you have finished reading them, start modeling and rehearsing your responses.

Tell me about yourself:

This is the common interview question asked in the interview.

when the interviewer asks this question, you will start telling your personal information, qualification, skills, ability, achievements, and internships. So, prepare how to face interview in English. In such a case, you can give the following answer:

  • I am Shalom
  • I was born and brought…..
  • I Completed my B. A. in English Literature at Steal University and M.A. in English Literature at MCC.
  • My experience is my internship
  • I have published three papers in a reputed UGC journal, which is my great achievement.
  • I did my part-time job in the publication sector.

Why are you interested in this position?

The interview asks this question to test your interest in this job position. Every organization expects the candidate to work with them for a long period, so your reply would make them judge your interest and how long you would stay with them. So, you give a reply in this way: 

“I am interested in this position because I understand how my talents could help your organization address this challenge in this role.” I also see this as a chance to learn and develop these skills.

Why should we hire you?

The recruiter asks this question to find the candidates who can fit this job role. You must provide a valid answer to persuade the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the position. Here are some examples of possible responses to help you think of something to say:

“When I searched for the company details, I understood that you are looking for a candidate with good communication and marketing skills. I have also spent a lot of time honing my communication and teamwork skills, which are essential for organizational development”.

What is your strength?

When the recruiter asks this question, you should give a positive reply. The recruiter asks this question to test your ability to answer efficiently. So, you can tell your strength and skills that you have, which adds value for their company.

  • I have team management skills 
  • And also can work as a team
  • My greatest strength is my commitment to the task.
  • I have quick problem-solving skills and analyzing skill
  • I have the reasoning and cognitive ability to complete the task within a time.
  • I could communicate and satisfy the customer’s needs
  • I can manage multi-task
  • And my greatest strength is “I am a self-motivating person.”

What are your weaknesses?

If the interviewer asks this question, you should give a positive reply. Here are some examples of possible responses to help you think of something to say:

  • I have self-solving skills, Teamwork, and Time management.
  • I’m a quick learner
  • And I am very conscious of completing the project within a period.

What is your experience?

If the recruiter asks this question, you can tell them your years of experience and the skills you have acquired from your previous workplace. If you are a fresher, you can tell them about your experience as an intern.

  • I have three years of experience as a Content writer
  • Later I have promoted to senior Content writer
  • I have gained knowledge of writing content for both tech and non-tech-based courses.

Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?

When the interviewer asks, “Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now”? Give an inspiring reply because the recruiter seeks a candidate who can work with them for a long period. So, you can give an inspiring statement as:

“I am always looking for new opportunities to learn new things. As a beginner, I am eager to learn about the latest technology and am always upgrading myself to improve in the industry in which I work. I hope that this is my wonderful opportunity and that in the next 5 or 3 years, I will have imparted the essential skills to manage my team and contribute to the company’s growth in the best way possible. I’m optimistic that the coming years will be rewarding for both the organization and myself.”

What do you know about the company?

The interviewer asks this question to know how interested you are in working for the company. So, before attending an interview, search for something about the company profile, job description, long-term goal of the company, competitors, etc.

  • This is my opportunity to explore my career in this reputed organization
  • Your company is a fast-growing industry
  • I believe my qualifications are especially well-suited to this post.”

What salary do you expect to earn?

When the interviewer asks this question, you can reply in the following way:

  • Before commercing about remuneration, I’ll need more information about the work responsibilities.
  • I’m sure that your organization offers fair and competitive compensation.
  • I expect my pay scale depends on my qualification and skills.

Is there any question to ask?

You can expect this question at the end of the interview section. Take this as an opportunity to ask the interviewer about the company’s culture and training process detail.

Now, you would have understood the important tips to Succeed in a Job Interview how to give possible best responses to the interview questions in English. We hope these examples will help you crack the job interview with confidence.