Selenium Training: Introduction to Selenium Automation Testing Tool

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Selenium is most popular automation testing tool used for validating web applications. This testing tool is compatible with most of the operating systems and web browsers. Selenium is highly flexible, feature loaded, open source and user friendly testing tool available in the market. Developers can write test scripts in several programming languages such as C, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, .Net, etc. and execute them in different operating system using selenium automation testing tool.

Why Selenium for Automation Testing?

Selenium is one of the best and efficient automation frameworks available in the market for testing web applications. The popularity of this testing tool is further increased by its ability to work on multiple operating systems and browsers. When compared to other premium automation testing tool available in the market, selenium offers more flexibility in terms of writing test scripts.

It is not mandatory if the application is coded in one programming language, the test scripts must be written in the same programming language. Selenium is independent platform and developers can write test scripts in any programming language that they are comfortable with. Selenium offers support to several programming languages like Java, Python, C#, .Net and Ruby. In this article, we are going to discuss about the advantage of selenium tool and taking selenium training in Chennai.

  • Being an open source testing tool, you can integrate selenium with your development process at free of cost.
  • This testing tool is loaded with various stunning features compared to other commercial tool of same category.
  • Selenium tool is very easy to install and configure
  • It can generate and execute test process in various browsers/systems simultaneously
  • Selenium is loaded with various useful resources that can be chosen based on the website
  • It supports mobile application testing for both Android and iOS

Selenium testing suite includes four main components. Let us discuss the about the each component.

Selenium IDE:

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment is very easy to use framework, which is compatible with all leading web browsers.
  • You can able to use this testing environment without hardcore programming skills
  • It is very easy to execute the test case

Selenium Remote Control:

  • Selenium RC is extremely beneficial to run test scripts on remote machines. It is the combination of selenium server and other client libraries.
  • Test scripts developed using Selenium RC can be executed on different platform using selenium Grid.

 Web Driver:

  • Web driver is a cross platform testing framework that manages web browsers from operating system level.
  • With this test framework, you can able to get customized reports

Selenium Grid:

  • Selenium grid is used to run tests in parallel
  • It allows developers to execute parallel test scripts in multiple web browsers running different operating systems

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