Secrets for building good websites (part 2)

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web designing course in ChennaiThis is the continuation of the article Secrets for building good websites. To read the first part please visit the link below-

  • CTA (call to action)- Gone are those days when the websites were just built for showcasing the business, now things have changes and through websites many sales conversions are taking place through websites. If you are blogging then the contact details can be gathered very easily to expand the reach o your blog. To gather information the there is usually a contact form or call to action button which when filled or pressed the information can be gathered, or a sale can be made. Using CTA is very important for the business of all kinds.
  • Search box- When the websites have large number of pages then the user find it difficult to search for the information or the product which he needs, instead if the developer inserts the search box then the visitor can type the query in the search box and can instantly find the results. Search box is recommended only for larger websites, it is useless to have a search box for the smaller websites containing less number of pages.
  • Making the best use of footer- Experienced developers use the footer space very well, here the contact information and useful links to the WebPages are given. All the information which is important but should be given without disturbing the content is usually given in the footer. The footer space should not be too crowded. Meaning only the important links should be given.
  • Styling the buttons- The site owner would be tempted to use fancy buttons for different queries but the thing is that the buttons should be standardised irrespective of the location and the use. A user should be able to guess the button by just looking at it. This is possible only by standardising the buttons.
  • Using right images- The images play an important role in enhancing the look and feel of the websites. The images used should be relevant to the website and should of high quality and with relevant size. If the image’s size is not up to the mark then the pixels in the image would get broken and this would disturb the look and feel of the website.


Web designing training in Chennai

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