Know the amazing facts of Tirupati Temple

The Sri Venkateshwara temple is located in the hill town of Thirumala, near Tirupati in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. 1900 years back the temple is built by King Thondaiman. Tirupati is considered as a major pilgrimage and cultural city of Andhra Pradesh. Sri Venkateshwara temple in Tirupati is one of the holy places of Hindu pilgrimage sites. Also, it is referred as the “Spiritual Capital of Andhra Pradesh”. There are unbelieving amazing facts are hidden in the history of Tirupati Balaji Temple. Visit Tirupati through the best Chennai to Tirupati car rental to know the facts of Tirupati Temple.

Some of the Hidden Secrets of Tirupati Balaji Temple:

  1. The lights that are glowing in front of venkateshwara god are lit some thousand years ago.
  2. One king was punished 12 people and hanged them on the wall of the temple, the Temple was closed for 12 years.
  3. At the back of the Lord Venkateshwara, one can hear the sound of the ocean and it will always wet even when they tried hard to dry for many times.
  4. The flowers used for the puja will be thrown into the waterfall that is behind the God. They are not allowed to bring out of the temple.
  5. Actually the Lord is right corner of the Gharbhagudi, But it appears at the center of the place.
  6. There is a real hair on the idol of the Lord Venkateshwara and it never tangles it always look smooth and silky.

Next time when you visit Tirupati, watch down all this fact of the Lord Sri Venkateshwara. Choose the best car rentals in Chennai and visit Tirupati to see all this unbelieving amazing fact of the Lord Balaji.

While comparing Tirupati temple with other pilgrimage, Tirupati is the most visited Holy places in all over the world. Many people have visited the Tirupati Balaji temple. No one can live in this world without knowing about the Lord Sri Venkateshwara in Tirupati. And also, it is considered as a world’s richest Temple in terms of the wealth and gifts offering by the visiting pilgrims. Around 50000 to 60000 pilgrims visit the temple per day, and on the special occasions up to 300000 per day. If anyone like to visit Tirupati choose Chennai car rentals to get blessed by the lord.

Overall, Tirupati is the lord where we have to visit compulsory at least once in our life time. The people are visiting Tirupati not only from India, but also from all over the world. There are many amazing facts rather than the above, visit tirupati by the best car rentals Chennai and get blessed by the powerful Lord Sri Venkateshwara.