7 In-Demand IT Skills to Boost Your Resume

7 In-Demand IT Skills to Boost Your Resume

If you are anxious to start your career in the IT field, then equip yourself with obligatory skills to become an IT professional. There are various opportunities for the freshers and students who are about to complete their degree course in their university or college. So, the possibilities are piled up in IT

Many companies approach the campus and provide opportunities for the students who deliberate to start their careers in the IT industry. In Campus select, companies like Mindtree Ltd, FAZO SOFTWARE, Accenture HCL Technologies, Amazon, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Polaris, Mindtree, Mphasis, infotech, etc., recruit the eligible candidates who have taken the IT-related courses. 

This blog will discuss the most in-demand skills for the future and the best IT courses in demand. If you want to land your career in the IT industry, you need to enhance your career in cloud computing, system management, networking, programming language, and many more. 

As we have diverse opportunities, the skills you will need to gain a job in the IT field can differ based on your position. Now, we shall have an overview of essential skills that are basic and required to become an IT professional.

Basic IT skills


Any IT department should prioritize security. Working in a customer service, communications, or systems management role can teach you useful principles for security. The skills listed below can help you qualify for entry-level and advanced IT security jobs, such as information security analysts.

  • Be acquainted with networking and application security. 
  • Security protocols and firewalls must be installed.
  • Encrypt and decrypt data
  • Security analysis and risk reduction approach
  • Knowledge of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Pen testing and vulnerability scanning

Programming Skill

The programming skill is a must-have skill to become an IT professional. Software developers, Developers, Programmers, Web developers, System Analysts, Software testers, Database analysts, quality assurance, Network administrators, Full-stack developers, and other IT professional responsibilities require programming language expertise. Further, they are responsible for writing code and automated tasks, so the skills in any programming language would help them get access to wider opportunities. If you want to get into Information Technology, you need these programming skills. 

 Networking skill

Every sector expects the candidate with networking skills, including non-IT sectors. Every organization operates through networking. So, if you are proficient in networking, you can obtain the two types of roles as network administrators and system administrators. So, this skill would help you work as a team and in cloud computing administration. So, you should have these basic skills such as:

  • Managing a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and  Linux
  • Hardware and software configuration
  • Cloud computing management skill
  • Maintain LAN, WANs, SANs, and VPNs 
  • Assisting workers with technical concerns

Data analysis

Data analysts are responsible for solving complex problems to fix coding errors. So, they have been utilized for various IT projects and tasks. Further, they collect information, analyze it, and integrate it to draw meaningful insights. To become a Data analyst, you should possed the skills mentioned below:

  • SQL and NoSQL
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • R and Python.
  • Algebra and Mathematics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Cleaning


DevOps engineer is responsible for software development life cycle. And they need to introduce new technologies and tools to develop flexible and scalable software. Further, they serve as a bridge between the software development and IT departments. So, these are the skills required to become a DevOps engineer:

  • Automation testing Skills
  • Scripting skills like Ruby, Python, Javascript, and Perl
  • Cloud computing knowledge
  • And should be familiar with the tools like Jenkins,
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, GitHub Actions, Prometheus, etc.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a demanding skill in every organization, and skills include MySQL and Hadoop, Php, python Java, .NET, Linux( operating system), Web Services, and cloud architect skills. If you have cloud computing knowledge, you can work as Cloud Consultant, Cloud Engineer, Cloud resource administrator, Cloud Architect, Cloud Software Engineer, and many more. 

If you want to start your career in cloud computing, you can take up a Cloud computing course, and the following are Cloud Service Providers

 Machine learning

Machine learning is the most prominent skill to learn in the tech world. To better understand, you can take a machine learning course in chennai to have a comprehensive knowledge of the machine learning process and its concepts like Visualization, Matlab, Linear Classification, Classification errors, Logistic regression, Linear regression, estimator bias, variance, active learning, Kernel regression, Support vector machine (SVM), etc.

So, join the course and equip yourself with the knowledge of these concepts. 

How to Gain IT Skills

Here are a few ways to learn the skills that can contribute to a successful career in IT:

  • Take up courses: If you are fresher intend to start your career in the IT field, apart from your degree course, you should have the skills in coding. Besides this, depending upon your area of interest, you can join the course to have an in-depth understanding. For example, if you want to join Python or AWS courses, you can join the class to access wider opportunities. 
  • Certifications: Having the certificate from the reputed academy adds the credential to the role you need to obtain. This portrays you as a skilled professional and interested in your carer prospect. The certification course is provided for beginners and candidates who want to switch their career paths. 
  • Bootcamps: Bootcamps are comprehensive courses that last many weeks or months and are aimed to teach you specific skills in that timeframe. Though programming boot camps are popular, camp is also conducted for various programs. 
  • Start reading books: After completing your additional course, you will have gained practical knowledge and hands-on training. So, this would help you understand better when you read the books. For example, after completing your Python Course, you can start reading books to have theoretical knowledge. 

Now, you would have understood the best IT courses in demand, basic IT skills, and computing skills. Switching or establishing a new career can be a difficult challenge. However, learning the necessary skills can be an excellent starting point to broaden your career in the IT sector