How are Idioms used in the IELTS Speaking Test?

How are Idioms used in the IELTS Speaking Test?

The use of idioms between one who learns and one whose mother tongue is English will be different. Idioms will be helpful to get a good score in the Exam. They have both positive and negative impacts when not used properly. In this blog, learn about How are Idioms used in the IELTS Speaking Test? from IELTS Coaching in Porur.

What is an idiom?

The meaning for idiom is nothing but, the words used in any paragraph or sentence but those words would be difficult to understand. 

Idioms are used naturally by English speakers that they often go undetected; we are unaware that we are using them since we have reached adulthood hearing these phrases and idioms. If you have an interest in learning English, then learn how to use them effectively because they don’t seem to be artificial.


Out of the blue: Something that happened unexpectedly

Yesterday, out of the blue, he asked me to marry him!

Green with envy: To be jealous/envious

She was green with envy when she saw my diamond ring.

Give someone the green light: To give permission

I was given the green light to start this new project

Should idioms be used in the Writing test and Speaking test?

The idioms are often used in Speaking tests than Writing. Join IELTS Coaching in Velachery to learn more about idioms. Because in the Speaking test they are used informally and those words used would be easy for the students to explain. 

Spoken English is typically less formal than academic written English, they can be used in the speaking test.

Have a habit of Practice

There are many idioms related to our daily life. Pay attention to those who speak English well. The way of using the idioms will and pronunciation will be different. To have good learning try to ask them and learn more new idioms. EnglishLabs is the best place to learn IELTS. In the IELTS exam try not to repeat the idioms in front of the examiner. With help of the internet try to find more idioms and explore those by using them. Learn phrasal verbs as well you can determine which prepositions go with certain verbs.