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GRE is an Entrance level exam to pursue Masters in the Desired Abroad Universities. GRE is not the Toughest Exam for the Students who have already attended SAT for the Under Graduation.But to get the Aspired College, One should take the Dedicated Preparation through Training Centers or through GRE Prep Courses available in Online.

Aspirants, Are you confused about GRE? Find the Important queries regarding GRE Exam Syllabus, Requirements for GRE and GRE Suggestions.

 Sir, should I take TOEFL or IELTS for doing MS?

 It depends on what you feel is comfortable for you and what is accepted in the university you are applying for. Some universities like Stanford don’t accept your IELTS score. So if you are planning to apply for such universities, it is better to go for TOEFL. If you are looking to apply for universities that accept both TOEFL and IELTS, then it is vital that you choose the one that seems easier for you. Some of the factors you can consider apart from test acceptance are test duration, test center availability, section wise difficulty and format. Speaking section in TOEFL and IELTS are quite different. If you are the person who prefers talking to a microphone rather than having one to one interview with a person, then TOEFL is the way to go. Otherwise, it is definitely IELTS. Test center availability is also an important factor when choosing between these two tests. TOEFL has more test centers available and IELTS availability is quite low. Based on the amount of time you have left for application and the test centers available within that time, you can choose between the two. While IELTS time duration is nearly 2 and a half hours, TOEFL goes on for nearly 4 hours 20 minutes. Depending on how much focus you can give to each and every section, you can choose these two.

Can real life examples be used in AWA essays?


If you already have an idea about the topic in the essay, it is ALWAYS better to quote real life examples or quotes. It makes your essay sound authentic and stand out from the others. Since the whole point of AWA is to analyze the given topic and present your findings in a critical manner, adding relevant facts, details will surely help in getting a great score.

Can u tell us a list of topics commonly seen in GRE for AWA?

The Analytical Writing has two subsections: Issue and Argument.

In an issue, you must write an essay expressing your views on a given topic using ample evidence to prove your point. In an argument, on the other hand, you will be given a paragraph from which you must single out statements or claims that that either strengthen your argument and develop it or weaken your argument and disprove it.

Some common themes on which these questions are based on are:

Educational preference of youth.

Government’s responsibility towards citizen’s welfare


Science and human health – especially for argument essays

Business decisions and ideas by companies/organizations

There are a lot more topics and do not stick only to these. This is a starting point. It would be beneficial to read newspapers, especially editorials to understand how to express opinions firmly.

Is there a chance for full scholarships???

Yes, there are chances of scoring a full or a 100% scholarship.

Although the opportunities are rare but they are not entirely impossible either. There are lots of factors that will be taken into consideration when you’re being chosen for the said scholarship or financial aid. These criteria range from academic profile to GRE and TOEFL score. Your extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are also taken into account. Research background and number of papers published in national/international journals, being part of societies like IEEE chapter of your college etc. also comes in handy. Not to mention final year projects and the other mini projects along with any event management or leadership skills that showcase your well-rounded personality.

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