7 Common Java Coding Interview Questions

7 Common Java Coding Interview Questions

Suppose you’re fresher planning to attend the job interview or preparing to participate in the campus select. In that case, It is essential to learn the most important and commonly asked Java interview questions that recruiters ask. 

Whenever you attend the interview, we need to prepare the question that would be expected and asked frequently. In this blog, we shall discuss important java questions asked in the interview and java coding questions for the interview. 

Preparing the question and practicing it would increase our confidence level and improve our knowledge as well. Now, we shall discuss why Java is so popular among programmers with coding interview questions in Java. And a few important tips to prepare for the interview.

Why Java is so popular?

  • Various programmers utilize Java in application development because it has an independent platform.
  • Java can be run in multiple operating systems like Linux, Unix, etc.
  • It is to understand and execute coding.
  • It can be run virtually on any system.
  • It is flexible and Dynamic.
  • It is portable, Object-Oriented, Robust, and secure.

Java interview questions with examples

1. What does it mean when Java is referred to as a “platform-independent programming language”?

It is a common interview question asked in every interview. The interviewer asks this question to determine the candidate’s skills and ability and test their fundamental concepts and knowledge of java coding. 

When you are answering this question, be evident that the platform independence feature of Java is essential to build the java code and how far-reaching in creating an application. 

While answering the interviewer, specify the code you have written on one platform that runs across multiple platforms. Further, you can Specify the code you wrote on one platform that operates on several platforms when responding to the interviewer.

Example answer

One of the main goals of Java code was to create a coding language that developers could utilize across various devices without having to update the source code.  Previously, programming languages like C and C++ enabled developers to create distinct source code for each operating system they used.

In my previous job, I wrote java code in Mac OS X, and these byte codes can be run in any operating system like Linux and Solaris. And we can convert these codes with the aid of JVM, which can be deployed in any OS. 

2. Give an example of when you had to handle a challenge as part of a team

An interviewer may ask this question to gauge your capacity to operate as part of a team and whether you can contribute to the organization’s growth. Concentrate on the talents that would make you valuable to the team and how you have used that knowledge to accomplish team projects in the past.

Example answer

I was a crew member in the team in my previous job. I had a great experience when we worked as a team. I learned a lot about the coding process. We segregated our work, and each developer was given a specific code to write. To complete our assigned task, we helped each other finish the project. 

3. In Java, how do you reverse a string?

It is java logical interview questions asked in every interview. When the interviewer asks this question, you can reply to them as there is no reverse utility provided in java. This reply would help the recruiter determine that you have comprehensive knowledge and problem-solving skills in java coding.

Example Answer

4. Create a Java program that uses the Fibonacci sequence

It is a java problem-solving question asked by the interviewer to test your skills to accomplish the task in java coding. The main focus of the recruiter is to determine your problem-solving skills and how to provide a better solution within the given time. It is a unique space to show your talent, and you can explain the process while you are demonstrating your coding process. It positively impacts you and helps hire you for the job you need to obtain.

Example answer


5. Create a Java program that demonstrates Scroll up and down the page

It is the java logical interview questions asked by the recruiter to test your experience level. So, explain the process carefully while writing the line.

Example answer

6. Without using the intrinsic String method, create a Java program that reverses a string

It is the most important java coding question for an interview. The recruiter asks this question to test your skills, ability to solve a complex problem, and experience in coding.

Example answer


In Java, what are constructors?

The recruiter asks this question to gauge your basic understanding of the programming language. Furthermore, you need to understand various concepts like constructor chaining, copy constructors, etc.

Example answer

A Java constructor’s job is to configure a newly formed object before deploying it.

Now, we shall discuss how to prepare before attending the job interview.

Prepare for a Java-based interview with these tips

  • Prepare the java-based questions like java concepts, Database Connectivity, Servlets, Loops, Strings, Collections, hashcode, OOPs, Java Array, JSP, Threads, Exception handling, XML handling, Etc.
  • Keep on practicing these important concepts daily.
  • Collect the complete detail about the company and read their job description. To gather the complete details of the top companies like Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, Accenture, Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, etc., you can refer to the freshers jobs website and collect the complete detail of the multiple companies at one site. 
  • Refer to the online interview-based questions and prepare accordingly.

Now, you would have understood the common java questions asked in the interview and tips to prepare for the interview. We hope these questions with the answer would benefit you to understand better how to reply, what to prepare and how to get prepared before attending the interview. So, follow these essential tips to crack the interview with confidence.