Benefits of Express GRE Course from GREedge

I take immense pride in sharing some useful Information about GRE, GRE Test Preparation and GRE FAQs. Are you undergoing GRE Prep Courses? Which type of Programs you have choosen chosen? Be it Classroom training or Online GRE Coaching, GREedge stands unique in its own way for GRE Coaching. I have heard about a Course called Express GRE, a 90 Days GRE Program, especially made for Engineering graduates who wants complete support in Verbal reasoning section and reasonable support in quant. GREedge provide Complete Study materials and End to end Guidance through Personal Trainers.

Benefits of joining Express GRE Course:

Comprehensive Fast track Test Preparation
Personalized study plan to focus on your Weak areas
Support and Feedback from Personal trainers throughout the module
GREedge provides you 3 Full-length adaptive Mock tests to feel the Actual GRE atmosphere.
GREedge provides you GRE Study Guide and other Book materials as soon as you join for GRE Prep Courses.
You can learn for anywhere and at any time through GRE Preparation Online

Find the Essential GRE FAQs below:

Is 22nd Sept too soon to give GRE?

You could never be too soon to take the GRE. You can take your exam even a year before you apply to universities! The only time you need to worry about the time is when you are late for a particular intake. If you are giving your exam on the 22nd of September, you are perfectly in time for Fall intake. Your focus should be on how to prepare for GRE. GRE prep online would work better since GRE is an online exam. Practice well as per the GRE Quantitative and Verbal syllabus respectively. Free Practise of GRE math and GRE verbal will be possible from some online resources. Try and sign up online GRE prep course. That should ensure that you are in good shape for your exam.

Online GRE Practice Test

Should we get our SOP’s & LOR before the GRE or after?

Depending on the admission season you are targeting and the time you have for your GRE Preparation, you can get started on the first draft for your SOP before you give your GRE. It is generally advisable to shortlist 4 universities before your GRE so that you can send your scores for free! During this process, you are also very familiar with university criteria, requirements, your reasons for choosing the university etc. Download study guides on GRE and admission. Therefore, you can start writing your SOP during your online GRE preparation. You can work on your LORs after your GRE also, since it requires you to finalize key people to recommend you.

What if all my documentation is already done then when can I give GRE for FALL 17?

Ideally, it is advised to begin your online GRE preparation latest by the month of July. Find your way to GREedge website to understand how to prepare for GRE. That gives you solid 4 months to prepare. We recommend that you evenly dedicate time for your GRE Verbal and Quant practice sessions. Along with that, make sure that you take up some GRE style mock tests in order to familiarize yourself with the actual exam. Try with focusing on finding and preparing with good quality GRE study guides.
However, this is the timeline if you target taking your exam in October and dedicate the rest of the time in completing your documents. If you have them ready already, then you can extend your GRE preparation until the first week of December. This is because some of the deadlines of universities begin by the mid of December.

Happy Learning!

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