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Hi, Each and every aspirant’s dream is to get admitted into the desired university with the better GRE Score. But to get a Good score in GRE/GMAT is not a small thing. Every aspirant need to take steadfast test preparation to achieve the targeted score. To crack the best score one need to take 3 to 4 months of GRE Test Preparation. I am planning to take GRE by this February; hence, I started preparing for GRE from the Month of October. As I was working, I spend 4 hours to prepare for GRE in weekdays and 6 hours during weekends. But, I reckon it is risk-free to start the Test Prep since your Graduation. I take Online Class from the reputed Institute in Chennai for Online GRE Coaching during weekends.

From GRE Syllabus point of view, I am good at Quant, but I need to spend lots of Time over Verbal and AWA. My trainer asked me to be confident with 25 essays. He also asked me to learn GRE Word List from our Learning tracker. My Test date is only 2 months away as per my Trainer’s plan, I started taking Practice tests which help me to understand my Performance Level.

I feel Good as an Aspirant of GREedge and I would like share the GRE related Questions and Answers which would be helpful for Other Aspirants as well.

How can I score a 320+ in GRE?

Scoring a 320+ in GRE will take you a long way – not just with your admits, but also in your career. A high GRE score is reflective of your analytical and reasoning ability which is highly valuable in any field and any organization. Now, coming to the scoring part, there are three main verticals – Learning, Testing and Practicing, before you start learning concepts, it is important to take a diagnostic test to understand where you stand and how far you must go to achieve your target score. After getting a clear understanding, you can draft a GRE study guide that will accommodate your strengths and weaknesses. Consulting an expert will help you with that. It is important to be fully aware of the GRE Exam Syllabus before your start your preparation. Once you have learnt a concept, make sure you test your understanding. Keep this untimed, so that you don’t have any pressure and are able to fully focus on putting your learning to the test. Next, take an extensive timed practice test on the same. Be it GRE math practice tests or GRE Verbal Practice, both will polish your skills and help you overcome your negatives. Be sure to go back and check your answers, even if you get them right, especially when you do GRE Math Practice tests. Lastly, take plenty of fully adaptive, Free GRE Practice Test and style tests to keep you prepared for the big day!


Sir ,what exactly is a SOP and what do we fill in it ?

Statement of Purpose, or SOP, is a document in which you talk about yourself. It includes your academic background, the reason for applying to the program, your goals, aspirations and everything you want to highlight about your profile. So take good care of the content that goes into it. Along with your SOP, your online GRE prep to score high in GRE is also very important which comes with GRE Verbal practice and GRE math practice tests.

How to shortlist Universities, I have low grades in BU?

Short listing universities may seem like a difficult task, but there is an easy way to narrow down to the right university for your profile. First step would be to narrow down to the field of interest and do some background research. Having understood what the requirements are for that field of study, set your GRE score targets. Coming to how to prepare for GRE, make sure to have a thorough understanding of the syllabus for GRE exam. Following that, constantly monitor your concept building by taking multiple GRE Verbal practice test and GRE maths practice tests. Having taken your GRE and the required English proficiency tests, you will be in a better position to enlist universities best suited for you. Another important thing to keep in mind is your academic profile which includes your GPA, research projects, internships, and relevant work experience.

GREedge Reviews

How can you deal with tough RC passages?

RC passages can be quite tedious and time-consuming, especially if you don’t know what techniques to use for each type of RC passage. There are simple things you can do during your GRE Verbal Practice to ensure your reading skills improve. The first thing to better your GRE Verbal Reasoning skills is to build your vocabulary. Knowing the difference between admonish and censure will help you understand the severity or context of the paragraph.

Second, it is important to read newspapers every day. Apart from blindly taking GRE Verbal Practice Test, you must also practice getting into a reading habit. Newspapers like NY Times, Wall Street Journal, The Hindu etc have high-quality Opinion & Editorial Columns that resembles the RC part of the GRE exam syllabus.

Third, practice skimming between passages and reading thoroughly depending on the type of passage and question. For factual questions, utilize the skimming technique where you read the first and last line of the every paragraph. For analytical questions like a tone of voice or purpose, use thorough reading to capture important points.

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