What are the popular front-end and back-end JavaScript Frameworks?

What are the popular front-end and back-end JavaScript Frameworks

What is a JavaScript framework?

What is JavaScript?: JavaScript is the high-level programming language commonly applied in creating interactive and multimedia content. It is commonly used in the improvement of the front-end and back-end of the web pages. JavaScript has become extensive it is everywhere now: like server applications, server-side, mobile apps, and games. Join Javascript Training in Chennai at FITA Academy and learn more knowledge in JavaScript Frameworks. Here in this blog, we discussed What are the popular front-end and back-end JavaScript Frameworks? 

What are the popular front-end and back-end JavaScript Frameworks?

JavaScript front end frameworks

Here we have created a Javascript frameworks list it helps you to understand which is the best javascript framework to choose. 


Angular is one of the powerful and best Frameworks. The best features of Angular is: 

Key features
  • Capacity to submit high-performance, progressive web pages.
  • Work over various operating methods.
  • Allows an automatic and excellent API.
  • Ability to prepare smart code conclusions.
  • Gives immediate failure exposure and feedback choices.
  • Complete synchronization within design and appearance.
  • Exchanges are immediately presented in the way.
  • Capability to distribute data and design.

Vue JS

Vue JS is a different common JS Framework that is quite generally accepted in increasing cross-platform apps and websites. It additionally supports building strong Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Key features
  • Cost-effective implicit DOM design choice.
  • Issues with a built-in element that assists with CSS changes and animations.
  • Two-way information cover choices.
  • Simple to follow and get.
  • Single to combine
  • Tiny in size
  • Allows two-way conversation
  • Flexible Framework

Next JS

Next, JS is also a regularly applied JavaScript framework for the front-end that is created by Vercel. It enables developers to generate both static and dynamic.

Key features
  • Automated routing.
  • Server rendering.
  • It responds strongly with different ecosystems combining React framework and Angular.
  • Automatically prefetches leave.
  • Flexible and understanding JS
  • Help to reach traffic and business goals
  • Allows single user activity
  • Has built-in CSS assistance

React JS

React JS is an open-source Framework. React JS is generally used in creating active and effective user interfaces (UI). It is known to be SEO-friendly and hence is favored by developers who build e-commerce websites.

Key features
  • Virtual Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Cross-platform execution
  • very manageable to learn and apply
  • Begins with a collection of powerful effective tools
  • Benefits with the special improvement
  • Smaller in size

Javascript back end frameworks


Node is a backend open-source JavaScript framework. It operates outside the web browser. Node was designed in 2009 and supports perfect web applications throughout one particular programming language rather than having to depend on various styles.

Key features
  • Really fast to combine and work.
  • Capacity to scale up widely.
  • Asynchronous and non-blocking wire performance.
  • Can manage extensive amounts of concurrent attachments.
  • Can be immediately executed.
  • Really simple to acquire.
  • A strong ecosystem with various available devices.
  • Increases developer productivity.
  • Increases progress growth.

Spring boot

Spring boot is open-source software designed by Pivotal. It is used for designing microservices. Microservices are architectures that support developers to control various assistance separately. 

Key features
  • Readily scalable
  • Does not require a number of multiple forms. 
  • It Can be managed with containers
  • Benefits increase productivity.
  • Effects feather growth opportunity.
  • Benefits to begin applying separately and with the smallest deployment experience.

Now have got an open concept of all the top JavaScript front-end and back-end frameworks. Join Javascript Training in Bangalore at FITA Academy and learn more knowledge in JavaScript front-end and back-end Frameworks.