What Are The Factors To Be Considered Before Buying Milk?

farm cow milk

Milk is an essential energy drink and should be included in everyone’s diet regularly. There are two types of milk available in the market, namely, pasteurized and unpasteurized milk. The pasteurized milk is the regular milk available at each store. On the other hand, unpasteurized milk is the organic milk from the farms. 

The fresh cow milk in Chennai is from grass-fed cows and dairy farms. They are the purest and the healthiest form of milk for the family. However, all the milk is not equally produced and there are ways to identify the best milk. Therefore, below listed are some factors that help to determine the healthiest milk.

Unpasteurized milk:

Milk is said to be healthiest only when the milk is unpasteurized. The commercial diaries use different methods and techniques to retain the freshness and taste of the milk. The unpasteurized milk need not be refrigerated and can stay on the supermarket shelves for days. The organic milk in Chennai is being chilled to -4 degrees celsius before it reaches the doorstep. Hence, unpasteurized milk is the healthiest option and is not subjected to drugs and antibiotics.

Non-homogenized milk:

Similar to unpasteurized milk, non-homogenized milk is an excellent option for adults and children. Homogenization is the technique used by the dairy industry to avoid the cream line formed on the top of milk. The cream line is an indication that the milk is low in quality. The homogenization breaks down the cream line into smaller particles and is distributed evenly throughout the milk. The milk with the floating cream line on the top is the non-homogenized milk and the healthiest option.

Fresh milk:

As mentioned earlier, pasteurized milk is harmful to the human body and destroys beneficial enzymes. The regular intake of the pasteurized milk causes allergies in people and results in lactose intolerance. The reason is that the enzyme that helps in digesting lactose is destroyed in the pasteurization process. So, the person who genetically cannot develop the enzymes suffer from digestive problems and bloating. Therefore, fresh milk from the cows fed with organic fodder and grazed under sunlight is the healthiest option than the other milk products.

Milk from local diaries:

It is healthier to buy cow milk from the local dairy farms than the milk from the store. Therefore, choosing the dairy farm on price and location will not yield a profit. So, buy the milk from the two or three farms and check for the cream line. The beige color cream line is healthier than the white color cream line.

Therefore consider the tips suggested in the post before buying pure cow milk in Chennai.