Step by Step Process of In Vitro Fertilization(IVF)

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Everyone has to worry about her pregnancy during IVF treatment. Nowadays Taste tube baby is a good option for couples. IVF is an effective and common type of assisted reproductive technology to help women to become pregnant. It compromises fertilizing the egg outside the body in the laboratory dish and then implanting it back to a woman’s uterus. In 206 around 6.6 million babies are born by using this method. There is various Best IVF Center In Chennai available for the treatment. In this article, you will know the process of In Vitro Fertilization step by step. 

1- Ovarian Stimulation:

Ovarian Stimulation during IVF treatment consists of the administration of daily injections which cause the ovaries, instead of producing a single ovum which is what they do naturally each month. How to produce more oocytes so that a larger number of embryos can be obtained.

2- Retrieval of Oocytes:

When there is evidence through ultrasound scans that follicles have reached an adequate size, and that there is a suitable number of oocytes. After 36 hours, retrieval of the oocytes takes place in a procedure known as a follicular puncture. The process of this part takes place in an operating theatre with the patient under sedation, so no discomfort is involved. Gynecologist In Medavakkam is the best place for IVF treatment. They have specialized in the female reproductive system.

3- Fertilization of the Oocytes:

Insemination of the ova occurs as a result of placing oocytes and spermatozoa in a culture plate and allowing the two to mingle so that fertilization takes place. The result of the embryo will be observed in 2-3 days.

4- Transfer of the Embryos:

They Implant the embryos into the patient’s uterus involves inserting them with the help of a cannula. The procedure is carried out in an operation theatre, although sedation is not necessary since it is a quick and painless procedure. A pregnancy test is done of the patient 11-12days after the embryo transfer to detect relevant hormones.

Importance of IVF:

The success rate of IVF is high as compared with other fertility treatments. It provides a higher expectation of success among infertile couples. Couples have an option to use donated eggs or sperm if there is the issue of less production of fertilized eggs or the quality of the eggs or sperm is poor or unhealthy.

Thus, the above is the process of IVF treatment step by step given by the Gynecologist In Velachery. Hope this article helps you. Stay Healthy!