Learn First Conditional in English Grammar With Few Examples

Learn First Conditional in English Grammar With Few Examples

As we all know, English is the king of communication. The language has different types of clauses, phrases, sentences, etc. Similar to all these, the first conditional is the part of English Grammar. Learn First Conditional in English Grammar With Few Examples at Spoken English Classes in T Nagar.

Most often, the first conditional is used in conversations. They help in easy communication. It is the commonly used structure for future sequences. 

How first conditional used with ( if + present )

The sentences consist of two parts, the first part is of if, and a verb with the present tense. The other part is with future and conditional sentences. 

If this thing falls then, that will happen for sure. 


If it rains, I won’t go to the shop.

If you tell me your enigma, I  might be able to fix it.

If you don’t bustle, you will miss the bus. 

If I pass the examination, I will celebrate.

In the first conditional sentences, the order of the clauses is not fixed. 

How First conditional used for uncertainty

How is the first conditional used in situations?

Here it deals with the uncertainty of the action. Before the situation happens, the decision is made that it will happen, it is a kind of conditional sentence and rational strategy. It is also known for the idiomatic expression of the English language.


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How First conditional used with the questions?

With the help of the first conditional, it is conceivable to make contradictory sentences. 


If I help you, could you finish your work in time?

For negative sentences, they have various possibilities. 


I won’t make progress if I don’t practice! 

You can discover another solution if this doesn’t work. 

Zero and second conditional

Zero conditional is similar to the first conditional. The first conditional deals with the specific circumstances while the zero deals with the logical sequences. The second one deals with the thing that won’t happen. 



If I go to Paris, I will go to Amsterdam.

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