GRE Test Preparation Techniques

GRE is a dream exam for the students who are interested in Studying MS in Recognized Universities of US.

Clearing the GRE is not a simple thing. Aspirant should  work hard to Clear the test.

He/ she can undergo GRE Training or they can choose online GRE Preparation through accredited   GRE Coaching Centre.

Find the FAQ’s about GRE and make use of it:

Can you please share the deadline details and GRE Requirement for Texas A&M University?

According to the official website of Texas A&M College Station, the deadline for spring 2017 is August 1st. However the deadlines may vary specialization wise. So, we would suggest you to look up the official deadline for the course of your choice via the university website. The GRE score requirements for this university is 316 and above. To be on the safe side we would recommend a GRE score of above 320.

I got a 287 in GREedge Diagnostic test now. What should I do?

No need to be disheartened. First thing you should do is identify your strengths and weaknesses based on your diagnostic score. The topics you are good at and the ones that you need to improve upon. Followed by that you have to create a study plan dedicating your time accordingly. Stick to the study plan, practice questions after completion of every topic and take as many full-length and GRE style tests as possible. This will help you master time management and do well in your GRE.

How to get internships while pursuing MS in US?

In this age of social media boom, you have many resources at your disposal that can help you search for the perfect internship. There are a lot of applicants for each and every internship opportunity, as a result there will be a lot of resumes piled up and in that heap of resumes you have to make your resume stand out. How can you do that? By stating all of your qualifications very clearly. Mention how you meet their requirements in a clear fashion. So manage your resume in a way that can help you land the internships. Coming to how you can search and find a perfect scholarship:

i) Get in touch with your professors; they might have quite a wide range of contacts that can land you the internships of your interest.

ii) Contact the career counseling office of your university.

iii) Using social media resources like Facebook groups. Get to know about internship opportunities from your seniors and apply through them to the company of your choice.

iv) Job portals like monster are a very good source for finding internships.

v) Directly via the company website. You can visit the official website of the company of your choice and avail the internship opportunity that might be mentioned there. Or you could visit their contact us page and get in touch with them.

vi) Last but definitely not the least, through LinkedIn. Complete your LinkedIn profile and keep on updating it with whatever latest skill you’ve acquired. Search for the profile of the HR of a company and talk about internship opportunities in his/her company.

Can you throw some light on H1 & H1B visa?

H1 or H1B visa is the work visa required to work in USA. It can be transferred from one company to the other. You can stay for a maximum period of 6 years in US with this Visa. You need to get it stamped every 2-3 years, after which you have to request for a new Visa. Some of the other work visas are: L1B visa is the intra-company transfer visa that can help you work in USA.

Unlike H1 it can’t be transferred from one to the other. In order to be eligible for this, the person needs to be employed in the company for at least two years. You can stay for a maximum period of 5 years using this Visa. The Visa will be stamped for one year and after that period the holder can request for extending his visa and stay. L1A visa is intra-company transfer visa similar to L1B but it is exclusively meant for company executives or managers. It can’t be transferred from one company to the other. Like L1B the applicant must be employed for at least 2 years in the company. It guarantees you a maximum stay of 7 years.

The Visa will be stamped for one year and after that period the holder can request for extending his visa and stay. H4 is the visa issued to people who depend on the H1B visa holders, it allows them to travel to US and stay in US. However they are not allowed to work in US. The validity is related to the validity of H1B visa. L2 is issued to those dependent on L1A or L1B visa holders, it allows them to travel to and stay in US. L2 visa holders however can work in US once they get the work permit. It is valid as long as L1B visa is valid.

When are the admission deadlines for Spring`17? Especially for Computer Science(CS) Department? When should I start applying with a GRE score above 315?

The admission deadlines vary according to the university and the specialization you decide to choose. A GRE score of 315 is a good score and you should start applying as soon as possible to make the most out of it. Just make sure all of your financial and academic documents are properly created and edited, your SOPs and LORs carefully drafted and your resume well worked on. Here are some of the admission deadlines for the top universities offering CS for the admission season spring 2017:

1) Cornell University-October 1, 2016

2) University of Maryland, College Park-October 15

3) Purdue University-October 1

4) Rice University-November 1

5) University of Southern California-September 15

6) Duke University-October 15

7) Johns Hopkins-September 15


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