An overview of Dot Net language

.Net Training

.Net is a Microsoft web services to connect people, information, devices, the system through software, the framework helps users to share information between multiple programs, computers, and websites. C# is a .Net programming language used with the Dot Net framework which permits to access various libraries that are specific to use with windows. CLR (Common Language Runtime) component of Dot Net framework permits to compile and execute software in Visual Basic .NET or C#. Mostly, C# programming is generally used to develop any desktop application. Dot Net Training in Chennai is the right way to learn this interesting language.

  • Python for Microsoft .NET.
  • COBOL for Microsoft .NET.
  • Mondrian for Microsoft .NET
  • Pascal for Microsoft .NET.
  • Eiffel for Microsoft .NET.
  • Perl for Microsoft .NET
  • Mercury for Microsoft .NET.

These were the additional languages supported by dot net

Function of Visual studio

Microsoft visual studio IDE (integrated development environment) used to generate computer programs for Microsoft Windows also for websites, web services, and web application.


  • In the file menu select New and click new project
  • There, Click Win32 and in the visual studio templates click Win32 Console application.
  • Type the project name
  • Press next on the overview page of the Win32 Application Wizard dialog box

Programming languages for visual studio

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • C#
  • J#
  • C++

After Dot Net programming has evolved, most of the organization’s way of business has been changed. C# Programming is the best platform to develop any application. This helps the company to reach their targeted objectives. ASP DOT NET has been evolved to achieve dynamic web applications. ASP has re-constructed to achieve robustness in the applications. This is the first platform that allows coding in both server side and client side. By this most platforms follow the rules that supporting coding both client and server side but this platform remains most trusted among various developers.  It also provides security to the applications.

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