Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2016

Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2016 In early 2016, FITA academy made a list of the 10 highest paying job sectors in the country. Of the ten careers listed, most of them were in technology and required hardcore coding knowledge. If you want to learn new programming languages to learn, you need to ask yourself what programming language that you are really interested with.

The world of programming and coding is vast; there are many different languages to learn. But some of the programming languages are considered as more valuable in the job market than others. Skilled programmers are in high demand these days – their strong coding in any programming language is valuable. Having strong programming skills will help you to do well in the interview and to secure demanding career in IT industry. Learning any programming language is very easy, you need to understand the basics well. When learning a programming language, it is advised to get expert advice. Getting trained from industry professionals will assist you to gain industry exposure and practical experience.

This January, we constructed a list of 10 most demanding programming language among the professionals. It is valuable resource for anyone looking to start their career in software development industry. It is no mystery that in 2016 we are going to use variety of programming language. But, it is extremely difficult to choose best programming language to learn, which offer better career prospects. Learning right programming language will secure your career!!!

In order, here are top 10 programming languages to learn in 2016.


Java is most popular programming language, used for developing rich server-side applications to mobile and video games. It is also core programming language for developing Android mobile application, making it most preferred programming language among the developers. Java is an object oriented programming languages that focuses on objects instead of actions. Java programming was introduced more than two decades ago, still is considered as evergreen programming language among software development community.

Java is used everywhere, it powers more than 10 million devices ranging from smart computers, mobile phones, gaming consoles, etc. Java is considered as most secure and robust programming languages, it is used to develop highly secure applications like banking websites, chat applications, etc. Being open source programming language, java offers huge career opportunities for skilled and trained professionals. Java is for everybody, taking java training in Chennai will help you secure most demanding career.


Python is widely used high level programming language. It designed and syntax allows the programmers to deploy concepts in fewer line of coding than other programming languages such as Java or C++.  Python framework is pretty much use for anything, from developing web applications to data analysis. In fact, WordStream (online advertising and analytics tool) is written in Python framework. This programming languages supports multiple features, including object oriented, functional programming, imperative or procedural styles. It supports dynamic type system, automatic memory management and massive standard library.

Python framework can be installed on many operating systems that allow python code executable on variety platforms. You can make use of third-part tools such as Pyinstaller and Py2exe to execute python code in stand-alone executable programs. Python is most simple programming language to learn, with simple and straightforward syntax. Python is commonly learned programming language among the developers across the word. Other web applications built on python framework include Instagram and Pinterest. Take python training in Chennai to begin your career in user interface development.

C Language:

C is am imperative and general purpose programming language, which is widely used to develop system and application software. This programming language supports various elements like operators, functions, loops, single and double dimension arrays, performing operations using strings, pointers, files, etc.  Despite being old programming language, C is widely used by programmers across the world due to its salient features, efficiency and control. C programming language is very easy to learn for the beginners as the coding part is straightforward and very easy to learn.

C programming language is developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs, which is used to re-implement the UNIX programming language.  This programming language is used in applications that coded in assembly languages such as operating systems and system application software for computers ranging from super computers to embedded systems. C programming language is downloaded in executive files, so you can save and run the program without the source codes. Programs and applications developed using c programming language and code blocks can be executed using Dev C++ Compiler.

C++ Language:

C++ pronounced as C-plus-plus, which is a general purpose object-oriented programming language based on its earlier “C” language. Thus programming language is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs. C ++ was first released in the year 1983. This programming language can be run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. C++ programming language was used for developing various applications including Adobe, Microsoft applications, Windows operating systems, large portion of Mac Operating System. It is the best programming language in the market to develop critical applications such as “Twitch”, best game development and video processing software.

C++ programming language is standardized by ISO (international Organization for Standardization). The latest version ratified and published by the ISO is C++14. This programming language is very efficient and flexible very similar to C, which offer high level features for software development. Learning C++ programming language is very simple and easy to understand. Learning this programming language will assist you to work as a coding professional in leading software development industry.

Dot Net:

Dot Net is a software framework developed by the Microsoft Corporation. This programing language is used to develop enterprise, desktop and mobile application, especially for Windows platforms. It features large class library called as FCL (Framework Class Library) and offers language interoperability across several programming languages. .Net applications are executed in a software environment called as Common Language Runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine that offer essential services like security, memory management and exception handling. Being widely used programming languages, dot net offer huge career option for talented professionals. Taking dot net training in Chennai proves extremely beneficial for individuals looking for better career in software development industry.

Software developers can develop software by combining their own code and other libraries. Existing code can be reused in .net platform for developing newer applications. Microsoft offers an integrated development environment for .net developers called Visual Studio.


PHP is a server-side scripting language designed to develop dynamic website and web application development. This programming language can be used as general purpose programming language. PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994, now it is powered by the PHP Group. PHP code can be used with HTML code or with the combination of various web templates systems, web frameworks and content management systems. PHP code is compiled by the PHP interpreter in the common gateway interface. PHP programming language offer huge resources for the developers to create dynamic web applications catering the client requirements.

Leading social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress Content Management system developed on PHP programming language. Being open source and widely used web development language, you can enjoy incredible support from both online and offline community. Further, you can make use of pre-build code and existing libraries in your development platform. Looking to enter web design and development industry, you can consider taking PHP Training in Chennai and Web Designing Course in Chennai from reputed IT training institute like FITA Academy.

Cloud Computing Technology:

Cloud computing is also called as on-demanding computing. It is an internet based computing system, where shared resources, information and data are offered to computers on demand, which are stored in the remote servers. Cloud computing technology is also called as the future of IT industry. The cloud storage and computing allows users and enterprises with various options to store and process their data in remote servers. It relies on sharing the hardware and software resources from the server infrastructure, very similar to the electric grid system. Cloud technology covers the broader concepts of shared services and converged infrastructure.

As the world is moving towards cloud technology, taking cloud computing training in Chennai will prove extremely beneficial. Cloud computing relies administrators and developers to maintain the infrastructure.  You can make use of various cloud service provider like Salesforce, Amazon web server and other cloud based CRM. Cloud professionals are enrolling in Salesforce training in Chennai to switch their career as Salesforce developers and administrators.


Hadoop is an open source software framework used for distributed processing and storage of large data sets on cluster computers that built on commodity hardware. This framework is developed on java programing language. Strong technical skills on java programming language are very important to start your career in Hadoop technology. Hadoop modules are developed with common assumption that hardware failures are very common and it should be handled by the software framework. Hadoop framework is powered by the Apache under open source license. Hadoop splits large blocks into smaller parts and process them across the nodes in the clusters.

To process the data, Hadoop transfers packed code across the nodes. This approach takes advantage of data locality, node manipulating, which allows dataset to be processed more efficiently than the conventional data processing system. Hadoop framework is classified into four major components such as

  • Hadoop Common
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Hadoop YARN
  • Hadoop MapReduce

Hadoop framework is best option to handle huge volume of data in the future. Nowadays, organizations are integrated Hadoop framework with their business process to deal with huge volume of data and to eliminate data explode issues. It opens the career prospects of the Hadoop professionals to work as admin and developers. Our Hadoop training in Chennai starts with introduction to java programming language till Hadoop certification assistance.


Android is popular mobile operating system, powered by Google Corporation. This mobile operating system is based on Linux Kernel, primarily designed for tough screen enable devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. Android user interface is primarily based on direct manipulation, employing touch gestures such as tapping, pinching and swapping. In addition to mobile gadgets, android operating system is used in Android Televisions and gaming consoles. As the usage of smartphones keep on increasing, there is massive demand for quality Android mobile applications. As of Jan 2016, Google Play has more than 10 million android applications; over 100 billion applications are downloaded.

Based on a recent survey, about 75% of mobile application developers used android platforms. Being an open source platform, you can integrate with your project at free of cost. Further, you can market your product on Google Play Store to make more income. By taking Android Training in Chennai, you can start your career as mobile application developer.


IOS, originally called as iPhone OS, is a mobile operating system powered by Apple Inc. This OS exclusively designed for Apple Hardware. This mobile operating system powers most of the Apple iDevices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is second most popular mobile operating system in the world by sales, after Android mobile operating system. IOS mobile operating system was released on 2007, for apple devices. This operating system user interface is based on direct manipulation, using touch gesturers, tap, pinch, swipe, etc.

Apple gadgets have huge demand in the world market that increases the need to quality applications for iOS. Taking IOS Training in Chennai from reputed IT training institute will help you to gain practical exposure on apple mobile application development.  You can make use of iTunes store to market your products and make income through your applications.

Need for Software Testing:

In agile software development life cycle, software developers are imposed to complete huge coding part in short span of time. Thus, it leads to various errors and bugs in the coding part. Deploying the faulty application will ruin your business reputation in the software development market. Software application needs to be validated in various circumstances to determine its functionality and performance before deployment. Thus, it makes software testing as most demanding career in software development industry. To flourish in software testing industry, you can consider taking software testing training in Chennai from experienced and certified professionals.

If you want to boost your technical skills, this is good time to find technology. FITA Academy offer discounts for 10 most demanding programming languages that listed above. Contact us for free course demo and placement assistance!!! Hope my article on Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2016 will help you.