Campus Hiring Process


   Campus Hiring undergoes three levels such as :

  1. Written Exam
  2. Tech Round      
  3. HR Round
  • Written Exam:

Based on the reputation of the college top 5 to 20 students of each and every branch will be sent directly to the Personal interview by skipping the written exam, as well the written test pattern have got changed. Prepare yourself since they included new stuffs of English, Maths, and Reasoning. If you pass the written exam 50% of your work is done to get selected in the campus selection process.

i) Aptitude Tests: This is where the first eliminations will begin with the aptitude tests. Lot of engineering students fear for the aptitude tests. But the fact is that there’s nothing to worry about because it is easy to crack aptitude tests. All it takes it practice. ”Practice makes a man perfect” Just keep on practicing and in 4 to 6 weeks – you will solve the aptitude questions. A minimum of 2 months is the required time. One thing you can definitely do is skip the harder topics; like for most of the students, questions on permutations and combinations, probability are difficult. So skip them! But at the same time, make sure you’re very good at cracking all the other types of questions. You can always discuss questions and quick way to solve aptitude questions with our fellow mates here.

  1. ii) Written & Spoken English: Whether you like it or not; but the Indian job markets demand people who can speak and write correct English. Unfortunately very few people pay attention to their communication skills. If you think you need to sharpen your English speaking or writing skills, then  do it now. It’s going to help you in your entire career. A lot of people unnecessarily get rejected because they can’t communicate or express themselves. Communication is so important with Campus hiring.
  • Technical Round:

If you are good at engineering topics , then cracking the technical interview won’t be a problem. There are several tips here on that will help you crack the technical interviews. It’s better to ask your doubts in our technical discussion sections and get your ideas clear

This technical round purely dependent on the panel. Depending the panel we can expect the questions.  But still then be prepared with your resume and projects that you completed in your final year.Be strong with your Basics and Confidence level.

  • HR Round:

If you think that clearing aptitude and technical rounds ensures that you’re selected, the wait a minute – many times, overconfident will lead to get rejected in HR interviews which shouldn’t happen to you. So take the HR interviews seriously to face the Campus recruitment successfully.

They check your Level of Confidence and Skill in the Campus selection.