What Is Selenium And Why It Is Important

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What is Selenium?

A free (open-source) test automation framework called Selenium is used to test web applications across many platforms and browsers. Selenium Test Scripts can be written with different programming languages, including Java, C#, and Python. Selenium testing explains testing carried out with other Selenium testing tools. To learn more about selenium, join Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

Why Selenium is important?

Product teams take their time before making a hasty release. In most cases, the SDLC includes thorough testing when the process is manual. The process can take a few days to weeks, depending on how big the testing team is. No company can afford the inefficiency of excessive time spent on development. Selenium automated testing is the way to go if you want to accelerate the process. The primary benefit of selenium use is mentioned below.

1)Faster cross-testing

Your users can use any browser to view your web application. Due to this, it’s essential to ensure that website is compatible across all platforms. This way, we provide the users have a flawless UI, regardless of their browser.

Cross-browser testing is a process of evaluating your web application across several browsers. It may be a nightmare for manual testers since they might have to test hundreds of browsers each time a change is pushed into their online application. However, you can automate browser testing with Selenium.

2)Selenium supports different programming language

Selenium supports several programming languages, giving any tester the flexibility to quickly understand the test automation framework. The advantage of being well-known yet that nearly any programming language may be utilized to perform browser testing using Selenium. The official Selenium project provides Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, PHP, and Ruby bindings.

3)Selenium multiple operating systems

Multiple operating systems, notably Windows, Linux, macOS, and Solaris, are accessible by Selenium. By executing your web application through various combinations of browsers and operating systems, you may aggressively test it. To learn more about this, selenium supports multiple operating systems; join Selenium Online Training.

4)Selenium can be supported by CI/CD pipeline

A build’s new releases should be provided quickly and often according to continuous integration and delivery principles. Now imagine yourself in charge of manually verifying your web application’s cross-browser compatibility after each build has indeed been completed through your CI/CD pipelines. You won’t need to understand the potential cost of bandwidth. Taking into account the possibility of human error when doing so, There’s a more intelligent way with Selenium.

5)Selenium web driver boosts the productivity of agile 

Agile methodology focuses on a product’s continuous improvements by dividing the development project into manageable parts or sprints. A feature is added to the product every spring through a release cycle. After each iteration, testing ensures stakeholders that the website or web app is fully operational. Testing allows you to receive ongoing feedback and resolve faults right away. An agile tester may, however, find it difficult to test new requirements while maintaining an eye out for regression flaws.


I hope you have gained some information regarding what is selenium and why it is important. Selenium automation testing tool has replaced the monotonous manual work of humans, which does not require human intervention. Thus Selenium is a boon for human beings looking for automation working tools. To learn more about this automation testing tool, make use of the Selenium Training in Bangalore.