Role of SAS Programmers in Clinical Trial Data Analysis

Role of SAS Programmers in Clinical Trial Data Analysis

What is Clinical SAS?

SAS technology is used in clinical SAS and clinical trials, which can be used to collect qualitative data, especially in pharmaceutical and medical research firms. 

These days, SAS is a popular and powerful career option. To get started as a SAS programmer, you must obtain a training certificate from a reputed training institute. FITA Academy is the best choice to learn more about clinical SAS, which provides the best Clinical SAS Training in Chennai.

Role of SAS Programmers in Clinical Trial Data Analysis:

In this blog, we will see the role of SAS programmers in clinical trial data analysis. This blog also provides the top reasons to choose the best clinical SAS training.


A Case Report Form (CRF) for the study is utilized to obtain clinical trial data. The information gathered is saved in a database. The results of the analysis should be included in the study report.

Final Blank CRF:

After clinicians have designed the CRF, the data analysis group should review it to ensure that all of the fields for evaluation can be computerized.

The final CRF will be utilized to create the database, which will be distributed to the site. In the real world, various versions of CRFs are sometimes used to collect data. It will result in additional work in data analysis. Clinical SAS Online Training will be your career-establishing course.

Annotate CRF:

A database table is typically designed for each section of the CRF, such as the demographic section, the adverse event (AE) section, etc.

A field in the database table is created for every question and answer on the CRF. Field attributes like field type (numeric or character), size, format, etc.

Data Base Design and Testing:

In some businesses, SAS programmers also create the database and others. It is simple and easy to learn.

A well-designed database makes SAS programming easier. Before entering significant data into a database, the designed database must be tested with real data to ensure it works as expected. Managers should review and approve the test results.

A data entry guidance may be written along with the designed and maintained to specify general data entry rules, such as all character fields being capitalized and specific rules for each file if necessary. 


Now you would have understood the Role of SAS Programmers in Clinical Trial Data Analysis. So to have an in-depth understanding of clinical SAS, join the Best Clinical SAS Training Institutes in Chennai and learn the structure, managing, and clinical trial data transformation.

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