All there is to know about a Screening Interview

All there is to know about a Screening Interview

The main focus of the screening is to test the candidate’s skills and how they qualify for their job role. It is mainly conducted as the first round of the interview and it is the first step of the hiring process of the candidates.

For a better understanding of the screening interview and its preparation, you can read through this blog and you can get imparted with the Screening interview process. The screening interview is applicable for both the off-campus and campus select process.

What is a Screening call or Interview?

The screening interview is conducted on the candidate to test their ability and check whether they are a qualified candidate for their company. Here, we’ll go over what kinds of questions they could ask and what type of details an interviewer might ask over the phone.

The screening round questions are based on your educational qualification, salary expectations, and readiness to work.

A phone interview, a video chat interview, or an in-person interview are all options for conducting a screening interview. In any event, the screening interview’s results will determine whether or not the candidate qualifies for the next level of the hiring process.

Now you would have understood what a screening interview is. Here are some frequently asked interview questions during the interview screening call.

Tell me about yourself

It is a frequent and common interview question. So, you should prepare sometime about yourselves and answer relevantly because your answer would be recorded. So, be honest in your answer. Here, you can tell about your academic qualifications and if they asked about your experience, you can tell them that My experience is my internship, if you have done it.

To do so, check over your resume carefully and compile a list of questions that you think are qualified for the position.

Remember, the objective is to provide a genuine, precise, and relevant response.

What stimulates you to leave your current position?

The recruiter asks this question to check how the applicant is capable of working for their organization for a long time. 

So, if this question comes up in a screening interview, you’ll need to be prepared with a response. It’s ideal to draw attention to an aspect of the job description or profile that appealed to you. You can also say things like “I’m looking to relocate” or “I’d like to feel more challenged to progress,” and so on.

However, when answering, do not bring up salary packages, organizational politics, or anything else that could be construed as slandering your company.

Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?

Now, it has become a common question asked in the interview. If the interviewer asks what is your greatest strength and weakness, you can tell all your positive skills and most importantly tell your weakness in a positive way. For example, my Weakness is my time management and team management skills

So, structure your answers properly. The goal is to emphasize skills that are relevant to the job description. Always, be conscious of your strengths and weaknesses. Avoid bringing up a sensitive topic that could affect your employment application.

How do you cope with problems and pressure?

In every job, you need to face pressure and stress. The interview asks the question to determine how you can manage the situation under pressure.

If the interviewer asks “How do you cope with problems and pressure?” you can reply to them in a positive way like “I’ve discovered that I perform better under stress and that I prefer working in a challenging workplace”.

So, you can reply to them in this way or if you find a better positive answer you can go ahead. Always remain positive in the interview because every organization expects the candidates with positive energy. 

What makes you want to apply for this job?

This frequent Interviewing question is asked during a screening interview to get an understanding of your interests.

Now, how do you respond to the question “What inspires you?” will provide the recruiter with a clear picture of your work habits, attitude, and whether you’ll be a good fit for the position.

So, if the recruiter asks this question, you can answer them in this way: I like this technical field, and “I find it is the challenging and most demanding career of this real-world industry.”

What makes you so unique that we should hire you?

Remember that interviewers want to select candidates who can solve problems and contribute to the company’s growth.

It is your responsibility to present yourself as the most qualified candidate. So, how do you respond to the screening interview question “What makes you so unique that we should hire you?” Connect your qualifications to the job’s criteria and how these traits will exhibit you.

Make sure you practice this answer because it demands you to show confidence.

Also, don’t be overconfident. You don’t want the recruiter to have the impression that you’re conceited.

Where do you envision yourself in five years?

It is a common question asked by the recruiter. The interviewer asks this question to determine your ability and updating skills towards the job role. 

As we said before, all organizations require candidates who can work with them for the long- term. So, your answer should inspire the interviewer and it should make them think that you could travel with them for a long period. 

So, you can answer them in this way: ‘Over the following five years, my ultimate goal is to master my profession and rise into a management position within my department.’

How much do you expect to be paid?

Every organization has its own strategies. So, you will be according to your experience and qualification. Though they have scheduled the pay line, they will tend to ask this question. You can reply in general as “I demand a pay that is commensurate with my skills and qualifications.”

This will demonstrate that you are concerned about the requirements, not more about the salary.

Now, we shall discuss the Screening Interview tips that would help you to begin your professional career.

Read the job description- Read the complete details of the job description because it would help you answer confidently and relevantly to the job role. So, read the complete requirement details including skills they demand in the job post you apply for.

Research the company- Before applying for any job role research the complete profile of the company because it would help to answer consciously when the interviewer asks something about the company.

Be observant- In a Screening interview, you should pay extra attention because it is not a face-to-face interview and is connected through phone or video. So, be attentive and concentrate on the interviewer’s words and questions they ask.

Have good connectivity- While the interview process connects through the phone or video check your internet connection and spot a good place if it is done through video call.

Be optimistic- Remember that your goal is to go to the next round of a job interview, so make sure to answer optimistically.

Practice your answers- The easiest method to demonstrate your confidence in a screening interview, or any job interview is to practice answering interview questions. 

By this, you would have understood what is a Screening test and questions that can be expected during the interview process. Also, we have discussed the what is screening test for job and the Screening Interview tips that would help you to begin your professional career.