Why Web Designers should learn AngularJS?

AngularJS Training Chennai

AngularJS is a open-source which is front-end web application framework which is developed by the Google. This aims to simplify the both development and testing of applications by providing the framework for client-side model view controller (MVC) and model view viewmodel (MVVM). AngularJS Training Chennai at FITA is the best training institute in Chennai. These architectures which are commonly used in rich Internet applications.

Why Web Designers should learn Angular?

1. Developed and Maintained by Google

AngularJS is developed and maintained by the Google, you can work with a reliable code base that will scale efficiently. Angular is a brain child of highly talented engineers Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery. AngularJS Training in Chennai offers the well trained MNC professionals as trainers. This is one of the main reasons why the developers prefer to use the Angular over than JavaScript frameworks like Ember.js and Knockout.js.

2. Directives Define Behavior

The directives allow developers to write custom, standalone and reusable HTML components which can use to hide the complex DOM structure. This handles all DOM manipulations which defines how specific view component should behave. If they contain the DOM manipulation code we can refine it by the MVC app to modify only the view the new data.

3. MVC Architecture

This makes use of the MVC (Model-View-Controller) software architectural pattern. Generally developers are required to both split an application into the different MVC components and with the code. This is the case with Angular, which only asks you to split the app.

4. Filters provide Flexibility

Filters are similar to directives which are standalone functions that are responsible for refining the data before it views. Separating from the app and involve in activities like reversing a text string, implementing and formatting decimal places. AngularJS Course in Chennai offers the unique training methodology. These are used in the Services, Controllers, directives and view templates. Filters can sort a HTML table without any JavaScript.

5. Excellently Handles Dependencies

Dependency Injection (DI) is to deal with how an application should be wired. We can’t use the un-maintainable main method in order to execute your code. Dependency and Angular will provide it to the user instantly. It reduces the lot of burden on the server backend, which makes the app lighter and faster to great extent.

6. Data Models are POJO

Data Models in Angular are POJO (Plain Old JavaScript objects) which makes you to get use of the extra setter functions to integrate Angular with existing data sources.  This makes you to use this code with boiler plate in the Angular.

7. Two-way Data Binding

This automatically updates the view as soon as any changes occur in the model and vice-versa. This is certainly one of the most important features in the AngularJS. AngularJS training center in Chennai at FITA is the best place to learn this course. Many of the typical MVC frameworks require the developers to manually store data in the model and place into the view. This is generates the required amount of boiler plate code.