SEO Training: Guide to On-Page Optimization

SEO Training

On-Page optimization is an important factor in SEO, it is also called as soul of making your website as good for Google ranking. Before starting your off-page optimization, you should be highly concentrated on your On-page work. Without on-page, website never gets responding for your off-page efforts. Most of the SEO people have not familiar with the concept of on-page after they got certification from the SEO Training in Chennai, because they don’t have real time knowledge in on-Page work. Most of the training institutes mainly concentrate to provide practical training to their candidates in off-site. If you want to get clear knowledge about On-Page optimization better you should take training from the reputed SEO Training Institute or just take a look to this post. I will guide you more tips about on-page for your reference.

Step: 1(Analyze your business keywords before writing site content)

Make sure, before move on to write a site content, you should analyse your business keywords effectively. Once you have done, you should not move backward. Analyzing a keyword is not a one-time process; you can add feature keywords in your content in future. But you should not disturb your previous site content so that write your content with promising business keywords.

Concentrate more on keyword density when writing your website content. If your website having less than 2% of targeting keywords, it will not optimize correctly so be aware with your keyword density.

Step: 2 (Generate your site URL with your potential keywords)

If your site URL having potential keywords, it will be too worth in Google view. Google get realized your site fully optimized with the URL structure, content keyword density and so. Our SEO Course in Chennai will provide detail information about URL structure and content length.

Step: 3 (your primary keyword in promising place)

  • While putting content, create H1 tag with targeting keyword & H1 should be appear one time per page. Further h2, h3, h4 up to h6 can be used as per your wish on that page.
  • If you are adding any image into your content, don’t forget to add alt text with your targeting keywords. It will be more helpful to intimate the Google about your targeting keyword of that particular page.
  • Write title & description more relevant to your focused page with potential keywords, so that Google can easily predict your business keywords to provide good ranking for website.
  • Your content should be unique and length of your content will be high when compared with your competitor site content. It will be helpful while Google indexing your content on the SERP page. If your content having good content quality & keyword density. It will index on the SERP in unexpected page of 2 or 3, after if you start Off-start you will get good ranking soon.

This is an important factor in On-page work, if you begin your on-page optimization with this key points you will get good results in Google. Incase still having doubt regarding on-page just consult with our experienced professional who working in our SEO Training Institute in Chennai, they will teaching you all the topics with live projects so that you can easily learn all the metrics exactly in SEO.