Problems in selecting cheap hostels or PG:

We can see that many people are shifting from rural to urban for their jobs and studies. These people facing serious issues on selecting proper hostels or PG. Some people are having friends or relations so with their help they getting proper residing place. The problem is facing by rest of the people who don’t know anyone. Without the proper awareness they coming and fall down in a problem. Actually the reason for their problem is the mistakes what they committing. In their list of mistakes the main one is selecting cheap hostels or PG. If you are smart you will not pick cheaper one. Actually in major cities we will get quality PG or hostels in moderate rates. For example, Ladies Hostel in Sholinganallur, T.nagar, Kilpauk, PG in Karapakkam, OMR, etc. are providing quality and convenient places with affordable rates.

Now we can see the problems in selecting cheap PG or hostel.

Poor Hygiene: Mostly cheap hostels should be located in local areas especially slum based.  By seeing the area you get the feeling of disgusting and irritating. Are you really like to be healthy then avoid cheap hostel.


Less Quality and Inadequate staffs:  Staffs also same like area where located. They don’t know how to behave with the customers because they should not got proper training about customer services. Also this type of residence doesn’t have enough staffs to maintain the place.

Poor facilities: Facilities like water, bed, bathroom, etc. should be in poor condition. There will be a question mark in our basic needs. So, it is better to reject these types of cheap hostels.

No secure: The cheaper the hostel, the poor your neighbor isn’t it. Also the slum areas the living people also be a more chance of worst character. If you have an idea about saving money for selecting cheap hostels but it leads to more expense.

Anti-social Activities: In this type of cheap hostels there is a more chance for anti-social Activities like prostitution, drugs supply, etc. There is a chance of you also to commit these type of activities.


It is safe and better to provide extra bucks for your hostels and PG. It makes you to stay calm and happily.

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