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                               Work in Germany – Do it the German way!

Willkommen in Deutschland. In other words, Welcome to Germany! Say Germany and the Oktoberfest, the pristine Bavarian Alps and the quintessential German powerhorses-BMWs and Volkswagens, immediately strike one’s mind. The guiding nation in the European Union, Germany commands political and economical clout in the world today. Poised as an important international business hub, Germany provides a host of work opportunities in fields ranging from medicine to teaching. The sectors that take up a huge chunk of the employment-pie in Germany are auto and mechanical engineering, information technology [IT], health, science and vocational training. Millions are employed in the large multi-national companies that are synonymous with Germany-Adidas, Allianz, Siemens and the above- mentioned automobile empires. Interestingly, these companies do not contribute as much to the employment pie as the small and medium-scaled industries.

Another fruitful job opportunity is teaching English as a foreign language to students and employees as well. This is a sought-after pursuit today even by graduates in engineering and biotechnology. Also, a flagship scheme by the British Council allows candidates to work as an English language assistant on the condition that he/she receives a minimum of AS grade in the German language. Canadian expatriate Kristi Fuoco describes her experience as an English teacher in Germany:

A sole caveat, however, is the condition that teachers of English in Germany also speak the German language. For more information on job opportunities as a teacher of English in Germany, visit: i-to-i Teach English in Germany

The job opportunities for undergraduates and postgraduates are plentiful and the websites listed below allow the applicant to carefully pick the job matching his/her expectations and interests.

  • EURES Job Search
  • Toytown Germany – Jobs in Germany

However, all is not lost for graduates from school or freshers. Germany is also an ideal destination for internships, thanks to its connectivity with universities and educational establishments across the world which is why southern part of India especially students from Chennai join in our university in more numbers. Still student are not aware of best universities in Germany. In order to overcome this, there are several education consultants in Chennai offers counseling to graduates. These internships not only cater to the profile of an engineering student but also help a humanities student pursue his or her interest. For more information regarding internships and the possible arrangements to be made, visit: DAAD-Internships, AIESEC UK and IAESTE UK. In addition, volunteering is an attractive option for freshers and school graduates. Moreover, it looks good on the profile apart from leaving one with a solid skill-set and command over a new language. Though most internships are unpaid, expenses for accommodation, travel inclusive of occasional work-related visits to 12 European and non-European nations, food and insurance are covered by a European grant. The cherry on the cake is the fact that allowances are duly provided every month. These aids are provided by the European Voluntary Services, a body funded by the European Union, which is aimed at providing platforms of social service for youngsters in the age group of 17 – 30.

No wonder the unemployment rate is so low in Germany. Germany provides the best of facilities and services and enables any employee from any part of the world to have the time of his/her life. You wouldn’t want to miss out on such an experience so make sure to fulfill two major requirements. The first requirement is proficiency in the German language. Any employee is expected to be able to communicate and write in German and finding work is almost 50% easier if one is fluent in German. Visit BBC Languages – German for further information.

The second and most important requirement is a blanket requirement for work opportunities abroad. The travel documents and Visa need to be precise- just the way the Germans like it. A citizen of any country in the European Union has been entitled the right to free mobility for work. For more information on rights and entitlements, visit:

  • European Commission – Free Movement EU Nationals
  • Europa – Work-Related Rights

Also, obtaining a certificate of residence upon gaining employment is mandatory.

Check these off the list and experience Germany. Once again, “Willkommen in Deutschland”.



Source: Preston, Study Overseas Chennai