Introduction to Selenium Automation Testing Framework

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Testing is the major process of software development life cycle for validating the quality and reliability of a software. This process is carried out to evaluate capability and performance of a system to determine that it meets the specification it originally designed for. Software testing involves executing a system or program with the intention of identifying errors. Or, it involves evaluating the performance and behavior of a software. Thus, it requires more grey matter from testing professionals to move whole process in right direction. In whole, software testing can be explained as verifying and validating the computer application or product.

Software testing offers vary vast surfeit of job opportunities for both freshers and experienced professionals. A person will to the software testing professional need to be very strong with different terminologies and concept of testing. Besides, tester needs to have all these skills and tenacity to be fruitful in software testing field. It is important for software testing professionals to be familiar with automation testing tools. Training on software testing will be ideal platform for fresh graduates and experienced professionals to learn automation testing tools in-depth. Selenium Training in Chennai @ FITA will help students to learn selenium automation testing tool from industrial experts with years of experience in software testing domain.

Software testing is carried out to check whether the software application is working precisely based on the individual or business requirements. Software testing industries are spending huge amount of time and money to create high performing computer applications.

  • Meet the requirements that planned in its design and development
  • Functions as expected
  • Meet the requirement of stakeholders
  • Check whether it can be implemented with same characteristics

Currently, various software testing products are used to determine a quality of software application such as selenium, QTP and LoadRunner. When it comes to performance and behavior testing, selenium is standalone testing tool among the software testers. It is most used automation testing tool in software development industry. Selenium is portable testing tool that automates web browsers. It is an open source platform that allows developers and testers to create functional test to drive web browsers. On other hand selenium can be defined as

  • Simple JavaScript that runs in your web browser
  • It works anywhere JavaScript is buoyed
  • Can create user navigation and passes using the marks on web pages
  • Create test scripts on various languages
  • All you need to know is basic HTML concepts to use this automation testing tool in right way

Selenium automation testing is a kind of hub, which works as nucleus of the whole testing process. You can use this automation testing tool in different stages of software development life cycle. It minimizes the total implementation time. Now, selenium automation testing tool supports top web browsers used across the world.  Selenium is compatible with all high-level programming languages. You can write test cases in different languages and execute it using Selenium IDE. The web driver works as base of the modernized API. Selenium has upgraded the testing process on every level. Learning selenium tool and its terminology from Best Selenium training institute in Chennai will ensure huge career opportunities.

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