Defects and soil testing in construction

Developing countries like India should concentrate more on infrastructure growth. There are many Geotechnical  Companies in India who give their contribution to our nation’s development. There are still some rural areas where basic facilities like roadways, bridges are not available. The government of India should work more towards this rural development.
In India, even the roads which are already built are also not of good quality because of politicians who do some illegal bribes and corruptions in tender allotments, so any construction company who takes that tender have to adjust those politicians and give bribes to them their starts affecting the quality of the construction. The next reason which affects the quality of the construction is the climatic condition of India, we have different climatic countries all over the country this can be one of the factors which affect the perfection of the construction or structure. The Economic condition also affects the construction.
There are a variety of construction projects undertaken by construction companies. Each project has different building strategy. Residential building has more decorative work, whereas in an institute or other buildings there will not be more decorative work. In industry, the building should be strong enough to withstand the power generation, manufacturing, and other industrial work. There are some special industrial area like nuclear power plant, chemical plant, steel plant and oil refiners need special technology and are very complex to build.  There are List Of Highway consultants in India which involves construction, alteration of roads, streets, parking place etc.
Heavy projects like dam construction is a complex task which involves a lot of time, manpower, and technology. In olden days only with the help of manpower our ancestors built those dams still those dams remains strong. Only the method of building matter’s technology doesn’t matter.
However, before starting any construction soil testing is a very important task. During soil property analysis different properties of soil like moisture content, dry density, and other property are tested and building strategies are planned according to that property.

For every construction, Cone penetration test is the basic test which helps engineers to find out at what depth the building basement should start.