Different types of Question in GRE Quant

What are the different types of Question in GRE quant? Will there be only MCQs?

The GRE Quant syllabus consists of 4 variety of questions:
Comparison Questions
• Multiple-choice Questions —Choose One Answer Choice
• Multiple-choice Questions —Choose One or More Answer Choices
• Numeric Entry Questions

GRE Quant measures your
• Basic mathematical skills
• Elementary mathematical concepts
• Ability to reason, model and solve problems with quantitative methods

In Comparison questions you should compare two quantities —1 and 2 —
and determine if:

  • 1 is greater
  • 2 is greater
  • Both are equal
  • The relationship cannot be determined from the information given

Multiple choice questions-Choose One Answer Choice

These questions are multiple-choice questions that ask you to choose only one option from the list of other options.

Multiple choice question- Choose one or more answers

These questions are multiple-choice questions that ask you to choose one or more answer choices from a list of choices.

Numeric Entry questions

Your answer has to be entered in box. The answer can be a number or a decimal number. If there are two boxes given then the answer has to be entered in the form of a fraction with numerator in the first box and denominator in the next one.

If I retake GRE, would the University know its my second attempt? If they do would it have an impact in my profile?
The Universities would know that it is your second attempt at GRE but they wouldn’t be aware of your GRE score in the previous attempt. As for the second attempt having an impact on your profile, rest assured. The fact that it is your second attempt will in no way have any impact in your admission or rejection to a Master’s course. GRE is one of the criterions for entry into a Master’s course in a university, hence you should try and attempt for a high GRE score.

How to approach for Assitantships in foreign Universities?
Assistantships are where you aid the Professors in their research work or prepare, schedule and take their classes. RA or TA is offered to students only after they join the courses. Hence you have to build a proper rapport with the professors, share thoughts about their area of interest and show genuine curiosity towards their work. You can also be in touch with them before you reach the university via email.

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