What is DevOps & Why it is mandatory?

June 7, 2018 2

In this fast-moving surrounding, live applications are constantly be upgraded at a never-ending pace. Additionally, the complications frequently arise between operational teams and developers. These […]


June 14, 2017 0

Scrabble, Words with Friends, Scramble, all of these are almost necessary components of the iPhone gaming experience. Now, the word game market is an extremely […]

SAS-The most valuable career skill

November 22, 2016 0

SAS stands for Statistical Analytics System is the most popular tool for statistical modeling and data analysis. It is the world’s most powerful software for data mining, […]

History of Load Cell

October 26, 2016 0

History of Load Cell Before the strain gage load cell has invented, one of the method called mechanical lever scales were used for industrial weight […]

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